Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm so happy with the progress

This bed is the last one to be finished with compost...we still need a couple of bags! Someday we may dare to make our own. But this is looking really nice. I also planted the Arizona Sun Gaillardia in the middle. It looks nice.

Pictures just aren't doing these beds justice. They look so much nicer topped off!

This one is really coming together. I have a mixture of all kinds of things in here...Salvia, Achillea, Marigolds, Cosmos, and a couple of "surprise" Nasturtium! I can't wait till it all starts to fill in and look lush. It will look so nice. The hangers are the Juliet tomatoes.

Another look.

I have some Beans on the plants!!!! Won't be long now!
The Sebring and 8 ball Zucchini are getting bigger, but they do not appear to be vining, I wonder if they are more of a bush variety...

On the left, Ambrosia Melon and Sugar Pumpkin. Giant Atlantic Dill Pumpkins on the right.
Oooooohhhhhh the tea is brewing! Compost Tea that is! Although I forgot the molasses, hope it is still ok. It has some compost and worm castings in it! It will be ready tomorrow! I am soooooo excited! Cheaper tea! It's good stuff!

The trellis is up. The other one is too, but I haven't put the net on yet! Dh did a great job!

Today's pitifully small first harvest....but oh so Good smelling! Spicy bush basil! My favorite! Now I just need some tomatoes and bread! I love bruschetta!

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