Sunday, June 21, 2009

A look at the garden progress

The zucchini's have just went nuts in a very short time. Between the beans and the zucchini the basil is getting buried. I may need to move it.

The watermelon and cucumber are doing great. Some of the other plants are still a bit small for this time, but's hoping!

The tomatoes in this bed have gone crazy, even burying the gigantic broccoli plant that has not produced anything yet. The basil in this bed is hidden as well.

Today's small harvest. Some wimpy lettuce, and a handful of beans. I had another handful of beans the other day as well, but before I could photo my "first" harvest of the season, my 3 yr old daughter ate them raw! It was cute.


  1. Looking nice! I love the raised bed setup you have. Hopefully, when I move to my townhome very soon, they'll let me do something like this. =)

  2. Thanks, I like it much better than last years garden so far! And everything is so much healthier! Still not as pest free as I would like though. The insect net helps.

  3. Super worck I believe, and super resultes I see there ... I dream with opened eyes to a garden of raised beds, of my own but untill I find some quality mulch, and a better system of irigations for my garden I just have to look at your smoll but eficient progreses. I will take some pictures of my garden this days and post them as soon as posible .You can come to visit , also you can read now, and understand a litle I aded translation bar.
    Our climat is warmer than yours. The sun is realy burning all day, and the rain isn't enough to fill the misseed wather in the soil. That why I have to change the type of agriculture I made so far... with better methods like permaculture and mulching . The only thing that keep me from doing that is the gardening materials and tools , they are missing complitly or they have verry high prises.See you soon.