Friday, June 12, 2009

Evening walk in the garden

After I put the kiddos to bed I took a nice little walk around the garden after we have had 2 days of rain totaling almost 4 inches! I just wanted to see how it affected everything, and it seems to be doing great!
Edited to add: I wonder how crazy our neighbors think we are when they see us with cameras wondering around our gardens taking pictures.
These are some new comers, have to find a good spot for them tomorrow. Blanket Flower Arizona Sun (Gaillardia x Grandiflora) and Lantana. I think I will put the Lantana in a corner spot in the sfg.

These are my Juliet Grape tomatoes.

Laura Red Achillea, I like it much better than the Paprika ones I have. Dh brought this one home for me.

Lettuce, it was part of a mix package so I have no idea what kind, but it is doing much better than I thought it would. Though these are the only 3 that made it out of probably 12 that I planted, maybe it is a tougher variety.

Provider beans, they have had blooms on them for a bit now.

Rainbow Chard


Sebring and 8 ball zucchini

Tomato and Broccoli

Acorn Squash, just planted it last weekend, looks nice so far.

Icebox Watermelon already taking over other squares, better get that support up tomorrow.


An unfriendly visitor....this thing was HUGE and at least an inch long! He was crunched up with his mouth wide open for this shot. Don't worry, he met his fate! My foot!

Moonbeam Coreopsis. Growing much better than I expected, not a lot of blooms yet, but the plant is getting bigger and that is good!
Tomorrow we will be working in the garden. Getting the rest of the compost down in the back flower beds, maybe planting a couple of things. We definitely need to get the trellis' up for those vining veggies. And we are putting together a compost tea brewer. A fellow garden blogger pointed me to this site for instructions on making one cheap. I have all the supplies and I am ready to start!

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