Monday, June 22, 2009

New babies and blooms!

My little bean.....


We just saw his little 4 D face today! The twins said hi and ds said "he needs some toys!" Too cute. Where do they come up with these things!

New babies in the garden...
Isn't this a beautiful sight! First watermelon. Icebox.

First baby Cucumber. American Slicing Genuine.

Isn't this an interesting tomato bloom? This is Prudens Purple. It looks a little different than all the other tomato blooms I have.

Just a pretty Cosmo bloom.


  1. Congratulations! Is this your first boy? You mentioned twins, and a girl but wasnt sure if they were identical, or paternal. How sweet!! Congrats!

    Congrats on the garden babies too! Oh that watermelon baby is PRECIOUS! I hope to have some soon too. I have blooms everywhere. I have some of those baby cucumbers. I just love them! I thought the bloom would die and the cucumber would come out of that like just about everything else but these keep the blooms until the very end!

    That tomato is odd looking. Looks almost like a regular flower but then you get the benefit of a tomato!


  2. Thanks! I have a boy and a girl. So this will be our second boy. The twins are fraternal.

    I know I thought that flower was quite odd too! It is interesting when you try new stuff! I am looking forward to these tomatoes!

  3. What a cool tomato bloom! I love the cosmos too - they're so pretty and whimsical. Funny comment about the toys! XD