Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcomed Sight in the Garden

While I was absolutely hesitant to get out in the garden today because it is absolutely disgusting (very wet, hot and humid), I am so glad I did just to see this......
Look at those little Juliet beauties!
You can barely see it, but it is there! A Sebring Zucchini!
And so far I see two 8 ball Zucchinis!
This is a picture from the upper window yesterday! We are getting ready to do some work on the area, so maybe I will have a new pic in the next few days of the results! Here's hoping!
That is one big pile of mulch!
(Don't be isn't really Scotts Topsoil, they were a mistake so we got them half off! They are full of a nice, fine, light mulch.)


  1. It won't be long, now! Those look like paste tomaotes, is that correct? I've seen 8 ball zucchini before, but never grew any myself...I'll be interested in seeing how big they get.

  2. They cherry tomatoes will be tasty when they come in! Anticipation is building! Good idea on the covers for your squash.

  3. EG, those are Juliet "grape" tomatoes. Don't think that is a paste, but I could be wrong.