Monday, August 13, 2018

Harvest Monday 8/13/18

It's Harvest Monday at Our Happy Acres. I completely missed last weeks. But for this week I still am getting plenty of goodies out of the garden.
The first Lungo Bianco Zucchini was harvested along with a lot of beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and marconi peppers.
The orange/yellow tomatoes are Valencia. The smaller ones are surprise ones. And the larger one is probably Brandywine.  Also some Chinese Red and green noodle beans.

Blanched and froze two bags of a bean mix, bush, pole and noodle.

This is how I roast tomatoes to be made into sauce for the freezer for soups and stuff during the winter. I use a lot of sauce. I got 12 Cups out of this batch.

Raspberries! The fall raspberries have begun. Not too many at all. But the plants are all starting to look healthier. They need some help and amendments I think. Also the first zucchini from my second planting. The first planting didn't produce much and died from powdery milder.

Snack peppers here and a second handful of raspberries, cucumbers, black beauty zucchini, tomatoes and basil and beans.

My first ever Celery. I cut down two bunches. There is still more but they weren't the size of these. Some bell peppers, noodle beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Carrot mix, cucumbers and Noodle beans.

I had homemade carnitas for lunch. My husband made the carnitas, I put it on rice and topped with pickled  onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and homemade chipotle sauce. All homemade. And yummy!!!

 I ran accross several creatures during the week. This isn't all of them but the best photos!
Red Velvet Ant (not really and ant but a wasp) They have a terrible sting from what I have read and can also be known as Cow Killers.

Red Spotted Purple. I usually end up thinking this is a swallowtail until I get a closer look.

One of two horn worms in my garden covered in parasitic wasps. I throw the other ones to the birds and keep them happy while I leave these alone!

In my picking of celery I found this guy. He is still as small as the tip of my fingernail. We will put him in the butterfly house and raise and release him.
Hope you are having a fabulous gardening week! Don't forget to join me on Instagram @shawnannshomeandgarden


  1. So lovely to make your acquaintance via Harvest Monday. Your harvest is AMAZING a lot of veg I have never seen, especially the chinese noodle beans. I have never seen them being sold in the UK and wonder why. I will have to keep an eye out for them next year as you have me wishing to grow some now. I love how you have presented your veg for the pictures too, esp. the 9th picture with the rainbow carrot selection. Truly a marvellous harvest, puts my little harvest to shame.

    1. I'm always happy to share and trade seed. Maybe you have something new to me and we could trade! ;) And thank you!

  2. I love snack peppers but this year our peppers aren’t doing at all week. I think we sowed the seeds too late as we had a cold spring.

    1. That is a real bummer. The cold did stick around longer than it should have here too! I had to cover some things.

  3. I love your carrot display! You really have a colorful mix of them. I need to try roasting tomatoes for sauce. I'm sure that gives it a lot of flavor. Your garden is sure giving you a lot of goodies.

  4. Your tomatoes look amazing. It's great that you're still getting cucumbers and zucchini. Our soil is so heavy here, the carrots never do well, so I'm trying to grow them in containers. I've cleaned out most of the garden already and started fall planting.

    1. This has been my best cucumber planting ever! I planted 1st week of may and they’re still going strong! It’s pretty awesome!

  5. What a spectacular wasp!! I love seeing your wildlife photos as much as your harvests, as they are so different to what we have here. Thank you for sharing these

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