Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beet Kvass Smoothie

Last week I posted about making a fermented drink called Beet Kvass. Today I went ahead and moved it to the refrigerator to sweeten up. When I went to make my lunch time smoothie, I realized I was out of both yogurt and kefir, so I decided to put 4 oz of my beet kvass into it. It tastes SO yummy! Maybe one of the best smoothie concoctions I have made. (My husband calls them witches brew, a few toe nails here, some fungus there...) I have not drank the kvass plain yet, because I am afraid it may still need to mellow out, but it should already have all the probiotics and enzymes I am hoping to get.
It is a cloudy rainy day, so the pictures just do not do the color of this drink justice. It is a beautiful color! That always makes things taste better doesn't it? ;)

So, in my vitamix, I put in 4 oz of the beet kvass, the core of a pineapple (suppose to be lots of good enzymes in there), some frozen strawberries and a few frozen blueberries. Super yummy, and this kvass was super easy to make! It will definitely have it's place in my kitchen!

Try it, you'll love it!

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  1. Your drink sure does look pretty! You are doing a great job branching out into different things. I am not! Nancy