Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvest Monday 6/27

It's Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions!
My first Celebrity tomato. Third tomato of the season. Might be a while for the next though.

Made a dinner for my friend who just had a baby. Used some onions, garlic and cilantro from my garden. And some hot peppers from last season's garden to make some salsa and enchiladas.
needed another onion for her meal...

basil and raspberries
Chard. Starting to get a bit of the Rainbow Chard out of the garden now. It is growing slower and smaller than the white variety.

Picked all the garlic, as you can see all the stems were yellowing. It is all drying. The first carrots of the season! The kids and I each had one for lunch and they were yummy! And of course, my daughter gets ALL the raspberries!
First broccoli! Hoping there will still be time to get more before it gets too hot. The brassica bed is still full and healthy looking in the pop up with the shade cloth, even with the dry 90's we have had. This one was tasty. Only enough though for each member of our family of five to get a couple of little pieces!
Happy Harvesting!


  1. Quite a nice variety of good things in your harvest basket this week! That tomato and the carrots look particularly attractive - since both of those items will be quite a while yet in our garden.

  2. Everything looks lovely! I am jealous you have had tomatos already! That onion looks great too!

  3. Great harvest. How nice of you to have cooked for your friend.

  4. That's a nice variety of harvests! That dinner you made for your friend makes me hungry! I know what we are having for dinner!!

  5. What a lovely harvest. I miss tomatoes. I keep watching mine, but they take so long to get big. Then they just sit there taking their own sweet time to ripen up.

  6. Pretty harvest, tomato envy, I got a few cherry tomatoes and that was it.

  7. I really like your garlic and carrots! I can never grow carrot like yours! So pretty. Your friend so lucky to have a friend like you.