Saturday, August 15, 2009

After several years of looking for one of these I finally found a new one!
Gloxinia! (Not to be confused with Hardy Gloxinia that is not related, which I also have)
I had one when I lived in TX, and kept it in a pot on the patio and it seemed to me to be a very good plant for someone who tends to neglect them once in a while!
I think it is suppose to be a house plant, but when I got my first one it was barely alive, and didn't have a tag so I knew nothing about it, so I put it outside. TX has VERY mild winters though, so I doubt it will make it through a winter here in KY. So I think I will try to keep this one inside if the cats don't try to eat it!! This plant is related to the African Violet. The leaves are similarly thick and fuzzy, but in my opinion the flowers are prettier. I did find seeds once, but they were the TINIEST seeds I have EVER handled and I could not get them to germinate sadly! Maybe I will try to collect some seeds from this one and try again!
This was my harvest today...2 more lemon cucumbers, 5 tomatoes, several Juliet tomatoes, a pile of Spicy Bush Basil clippings and a couple of Royal Burgundy beans.
My second and third succession plantings of beans just have not done well at all and have not produced anything yet. These few beans are from my first beans planted in may. They are still barely hanging on. The Provider beans were pulled a few weeks ago though.
Yummy Bruschetta! Made from the tomatoes and basil from the garden. Oh I love this stuff!

a bowl full of diced tomatoes of your choosing, maybe 3-4 sm/med ones
(I have even used cherry tomatoes)
a hand full of basil of your favorite variety
about 3 cloves of fresh garlic minced
salt and pepper to flavor
On a nice thin piece of Italian bread toasted with olive oil
I'm not much for measuring when it comes to cooking! I throw everything in till it tastes good to me. This makes good use of your tomatoes if you like them better fresh! As soon as I have a big enough harvest of tomatoes and some serranos I'll share my yummy fresh salsa recipe! MMMMM! Can't wait!

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  1. Dang....that bruschetta looks really good! I've never had any, but may have to try that sometime.