Monday, July 1, 2013

Harvest Monday 7/1/13

It was a long week here in our house. Dh had worked 11 strait overnights, and it was VBS week at our church and I was in charge of snacks. As with everything else I went a bit overboard. I really wanted to make the snacks healthier (maybe not totally healthy, but not cupcakes and frosting every night). So, we had fruit kabobs, pizza dippers (like mini calzones with pizza dipping sauce), snowcones made with 100% fruit juice concentrate, soft pretzels, and cinnamon glazed popcorn. I tried to do as much as I could homemade, which was a huge undertaking. Glad I didn't try to do more of it homemade. But I did use a bunch of my garden tomatoes from the freezer and herbs to make the pizza sauce which everyone loved! Pretty sure I have a permanent job. 

On to the garden! It is Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions, one of my favorite times of the week. More and more to show off from the garden each week! And the colors are just amazing! Go ahead, go see what fun we are having in the garden!

A few beans are coming in, not great though. They just got too smothered by the potatoes. Hopefully other plantings will make up for it.

A Siamese twin scallop squash. Lots of cucumbers and zucchini are coming in. Finding it challenging to find things to do with them.

Loving the raspberries that are coming in now! And 2 more White Currant tomatoes.

Don't worry, those split carrots will not go to waste, they are perfect shredded into a lovely salad!

Since I had been working the snack station at VBS all week, I had not had time to either get out in the garden much or make things to get us through the week. For this harvest I got some stuff to make ranch and fermented dill pickles along with the rest of the harvest. And one tiny White Currant Tomato.

Tis the season for squash, squash, squash and cucumbers!

It was a busy day the day VBS was done, I made pickles, ranch, zucchini bread, whole wheat bread and chicken stock. Whew, I need a rest!

Some critters had eaten off the peppers here so they needed to be harvested and eaten. Grrrr! But the cabbage and potatoes were good thrown into the chicken stock I made.

Oh the raspberries!
So, what are you harvesting this week! Join the fun and Happy Harvesting!


  1. That's a very beautiful harvest you got there! All those colorful squashes, carrots and potatoes really make very nice meals!

  2. Your garden is really producing a lot and a lot of variety too. Sounds like you were both kept hoping this past week. Hopefully the external demands will quiet down a bit and you can focus on what appears to be a harvest season that is really ramping up.

  3. Uh- WOW your harvests are really coming along. Between VBS and the plot and the house, you must be exhausted!

  4. Great harvest! Most of what you have are things that aren't ready yet in my garden so I am jealous! They all look sooooo good! I am helping with our VBS in two weeks and that really is a busy time that makes it hard to keep up with the garden chores that week! How did you manage it and still do the snacks homemade! I'm awed!

  5. WOW! Talk about a lovely variety! Just beautiful, and you've made me hungry for zucchini bread.

  6. Nice harvests! All those cucumbers, squash, and berries look delicious. Enjoy!

  7. Your garden is going strong! Look at all those squashes and cucumbers.

    We have such a hard time with squash bugs and borers in this area, I get excited at the thought of a bumper crop of squash and cucumbers.

  8. I am drooling over your raspberries, I have flowers coming in on my raspberry canes, hope I get to the berries before the birds.
    Beautiful and varied harvests.

  9. Your harvest is so wonderful and I can't wait till I start getting cukes, squash and raspberries! All that you made for VBS snacks were wonderful and I do hope the people appreciated you not just giving the kids all sweets. That is so thoughtful of you! You have reminded me that I should get back to baking whole wheat bread! I haven't done that in awhile. Your family is so lucky to have you fixing their healthy meals! Great harvest. Nancy

  10. Making healthier snacks for groups of kids is always a challenge (and it gets super expensive very quickly)! Sounds like you did a great job!

    Now, is that a double patty pan in the picture above? So cool!

  11. Nice haul you have there, and those raspberries are to die for.