Monday, July 15, 2013

Harvest Monday 7/15/13

I am a bit behind posting today for Harvest Monday (at Daphne's Dandelions). I haven't felt well and boy is it super hot our there, makes me not want to be out in the garden even more. It has been a pretty good harvest week.

A zucchini got away from me. The first two very small ears of corn. A lot of the corn is not doing well for me this year, don't know why. The only corn doing really well is the Blue Hopi, and I hope it continues to do well until harvest. It has had a bit of storm damage, but not too bad.

First purple podded pole beans I found hiding when I went over to the neighbors side of the fence to shove the squash vines back through.

Another "garlic" with only 2 cloves. This one smaller. As I said last week, I have only ever planted the Music variety and only in my raised beds, so I don't know where anything else would have come from.

I picked 3 nice garlic here that look normal. They are drying but I am leaving the rest to size up a bit more.

Potatoes for dinner. ;)

Cut flowers from the garden. I had company for lunch after church on Sunday and I wanted to make it nice. I made a pretty flower arrangement and another raspberry pie! I had to save the raspberries all week to make it and it was just as yummy as the first one! I also made my homemade bread for them which they seemed to enjoy!

I love this flower arrangement! It turned out so pretty on the kitchen table and so summery!

This is not my project but my husbands! I had to show it off to you! He built this loft bed for my daughter. It is her own little restaurant. She is always saying she is going to own a restaurant when she grows up. We put her kitchen inside and the inside back wall is entirely a chalk board! The stairs have shelves underneath which she can keep her TONS of books that she likes to read to gramma over the phone! What a cozy place up top to do it from! He did a great job and she loves it.

See those 3 tiny White currant tomatoes there. They are not much bigger than a blueberry, and those are tiny blueberries. They are from my daughters planter. It isn't growing like crazy so we are not getting many but hopefully it will pick up some production. They are just as small as the Matt's Wild Cherry, which is what I was looking for. She loves cute little things.

The first slicers from the garden! I also had to pick these two acorn squash because the vine borers killed the plant. I think they are ready enough, the skin is strong and my nail does not slice into it. I also just pulled up two potatoes to show my company. I will get more in the morning or evening when it is cooler!

Both tomatoes came off of a Brandywine plant, this one breaks the 1 lb  mark!
Happy Harvesting this week.


  1. What a gorgeous harvest! I'm drooling over that Brandywine tomato, as we haven't had a good full sized one yet.

    That restaurant/bed is adorable. Your husband did a great job on it!

  2. Great harvest and your flower arrangements are beautiful. Good job on the bed, I'm sure your daughter loves it.

  3. Holy Cow! What a huge harvest. What on earth do you do with all that squash? That's a pretty cool bed! Tell your husband great job!

  4. Every single one of your harvests looks divine, but that first picture is absolutely phenomenal! The colors and the variety are amazing and perfect and apparently just what my eyes needed/wanted to see! Gorgeous!

  5. What an excellent job your husband did! Love the stairs leading up to the bed. Thanks for sharing.
    Lovely and varied harvest, yes, the flower arrangement is summery and beautiful. I am jealous of that tomato in the last photo.

  6. When I first saw the pencil in the second picture, I thought "what the heck kind of bean is that??"! :)

    Wonderful harvest of both veggies and flowers. And your husband is quite handy...

  7. How lovely to see such beautiful summer harvests. My winter ones are nice but its just not the same as the bounty you get during the warmer months. I am particularly jealous of your raspberries I would love to have the space for some.