Saturday, July 27, 2013

Small look at the garden in July

I really don't mind this critter in the garden!
But I could really do without the squirrels! They are destroying my corn! How do you keep them away? We chase them away multiple times a day. I send the kids out to do critter duty!

I am really looking forward to this longneck pumpkin. It seems so close to being ready, but taking forever! And it is huge!

This squash is OUT. OF. CONTROL! Yes there are squash behind it too, but this one has 3 very long, probably about 6 feet vines. It is suppose to be a bush. This is Lungo Bianco Zucchini. It is in a raised bed too. I am not complaining about all the zucchini I am getting, especially since I have had practically none the past two years. I have circled the center and the vines of the plant.

The sweet potatoes have been corralled several times to keep the vines in. They are looking so good, and I saw the first flower the other day!

The pepper bed is looking beautiful and full of peppers, though some are slow coming along.
Well, that is a small look at the garden right now. Other areas are looking pretty rough. Disease and bugs are doing a number on a lot of the squash, and the corn is being eaten up by squirrels, and the strawberries get a nightly visit from a small bunny that seems to get through my netting somewhere. There is always good and bad in the garden.


  1. The good parts you showed look wonderful! Glad you are getting lots of zucchini this year. So far I am not getting a lot! Nancy

  2. Your poor corn, dang those squirrels. :( The rest of the garden looks great though. And the Goldfince is so pretty - do you grow the sunflowers for them?

  3. Pretty flower arrangement and abundance harvest, your garden is in high gear, love the potatoes, I don't have any this year :(