Monday, July 29, 2013

Harvest Monday 7/28/13

 It is Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions. The harvests are still going strong. A couple more firsts this week.
I had to pick the buttercup squash since a vine borer killed the stem. It seemed to be ripe. I also picked a few beets to see how they were sizing up. They seem kinda small. Also the first Lipstick pepper in the center, I let it finish turning red before my daughter ate it up. She was very excited for the first sweet pepper of the season. She is getting anxious!

A few potatoes for french fries that were sooooo yummy. I fried them in Coconut oil. And the kids ate them up!

Did you know that National Hot Dog day was last week? Ya, I didn't either until after I already made hot dogs for dinner one night. What do ya know! I made these home made hot dog buns. I thought they looked a bit flat, but DH thought they were pretty darn cool, so I'll show them off!

The squirrels are destroying my corn!!!! I am so disappointed! There is not much left. This is my blue hopi. I was going to let it dry on the stalk but I might have to just go pick it all before the critters get it all! They are all over my popcorn now too. They have found the goldrush, and they aren't leaving!

I used these two cabbages for some coleslaw. I also added in the 3 beets from the first picture hoping it wouldn't ruin it, but it is still good! Of course a few of these carrots went into it too! Also picked some dill seed.

The coleslaw and homemade dressing before the was a bit pinker after.
The beets before going into the slaw. Chioggia beets.

I tried to get as many potatoes out of the bed as I could. It was a bit difficult with all the beans still planted around them. So there will probably still be some in there when the beans die off and I will dig some more. Assuming the critters don't get to them first. There are tunnels dug all over the potato bed.

Tried to pick a bunch of the Velour French beans. Most of these tomatoes are Japanese Black Trifile. Also a Great White, and a Rutgers. The Great White are very good. Not as sweet like yellow tomatoes tend to be. I don't really care for the extra sweetness of yellow tomatoes but I do like this one. I gave one of my friends an extra seedling, and wouldn't you know, she grew an almost 3 lb Great White! She had like 3 truckloads of horse compost dumped in her garden and everything is huge! I have it in some of my beds and those are doing very well, but I don't have any in the tomato bed, sadly! Next year, I will know where to get my compost!

An evening stroll in the garden brought a few extra goodies in.

The cat faced tomato is the first of the Cherokee purple of the season. For some reason that is not the best growing or producing in the garden this year, and it usually is. Maybe it will pick up some growth and production before the summer is done. Also, another Georgia Flaming hot pepper.

I have really enjoyed making flower arrangements with flowers from around my yard lately. I have company again today and I made this one for the lunch table. I will also be taking her on a tour of my garden. Love to show off the garden! And, some of granny's Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes are in order for dessert! Anyways, this arrangement is made up of 3 types of marigolds, zinnia, mums, achillea, cosmos, sunflower, hydrangea, and daisies. I think I wanna grow a flower garden next year for cut flowers!


  1. Another amazing harvest from your garden, they just keep coming. My Lipstick peppers haven't even set fruit yet. The pepper you picked just had a flush of red. Did it really ripen to red after you picked it? And my Cherokee Purple (actually a grafted plant) hasn't grown any in weeks. I have one tomato on it but so far it is perfect: no cat-facing or BER.

    1. Yes, the pepper did turn fully red in the kitchen. I have to be careful when ripening peppers like that though, cause they don't last as long on the counter as a tomato. Only a couple of days at most and then they start getting wrinkly, drying out I guess. But as long as they are close they will. I get a little impatient sometimes. ;)

  2. Very impressive harvest! So many beautiful colors.

    Does anyone other than me find the white cursive text on this blog difficult to read?

  3. So many veggies coming in from your garden! Awesome! And your hotdog buns look delicious to me! I'll check to see if you posted a recipe...if you haven't already, will you consider it? Hope you have a great week!

  4. Beautiful harvest and what variety you have! I grow Lipstick peppers too, they are very nice, but this year none of my heat loving crops are doing too well. Yummy looking coleslaw too!

  5. The variety of food you are getting from your garden is just amazing! Isn't it just awful when critters find the garden? It makes me want to shake my fist in their general direction.

  6. Your harvests are going strong! I love those purple noodle beans, I sure wish I could grow them here but they resent my cool weather.

  7. Congrats on your impressive harvests! Sorry to hear about the corn predation - we gave up trying to grow corn after two seasons because too many critters like corn too much. It was almost like the appetizer that led them to the buffet that was the rest of the garden :)

  8. Wow! You have a lot of beautiful veggies. The beets are really pretty, I grew that variety this year but I have not tried them yet.

  9. Love the Chioggia beets pattern, too bad the color fades after cooking. Hoping my red noodles beans will start coming in this week.

  10. I used to think deer and squirrels were so cute, now I think they're overrated. I know exactly how frustrating it is to lose out to critters! My blueberries were taken down by birds! But your harvests still look fantastic, especially the potatoes. And the flowers are not too bad, either!

  11. You are getting a wonderful harvest and to think you have time to make those delicious hot dog buns and a beautiful flower arrangement! Nancy

  12. what a wonderful harvest you have! Interesting variety of tomato - Great White, will have to look it up as I find most yellow are too sweet for me.