Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Use up some Zucchini in this Casserole

If you have been looking for something to do with all that zucchini, this may be an idea you may like. It turned out pretty good and even the kiddos liked it. I was a bit surprised because they are not big on casserole type dishes! But I thought it was super yummy.
-Saute up some Italian sausage (Got mine at my local farm)
-saute in butter some green beans with a bit of garlic powder
-layer a casserole dish with sliced zucchini (uncooked) sprinkle with salt and pepper
-layer on the green beans and then the sausage
-mix up about 6 eggs with salt, pepper, basil and oregano
-pour egg mixture over vegetables

-Layer the biscuits on top of the casserole
-Cook on 450 until browned and eggs are done.

While casserole is cooking, make up some country style gravy:
-3 tbs butter
-3 tbs whole wheat flour
-a pinch of basil and oregano
once it is bubbly add
-about a 1/2 cup chicken broth
-1 cup milk
- salt and pepper to taste
-bring to boil until it is as thick as you like it, then remove

Yes, you are going to dirty up some dishes, but it really didn't take all that long. And, it was good enough even the kids liked! What more could you ask for! Oh the zucchini! ;)


  1. Hi Shawn Ann, My hubby doesn't care for zucchini but I copied the biscuit recipe to try. I don't have white ww flour so may try one cup regular whole wheat and one cup white. Thanks. Nancy

  2. I just started to sow zucchini seeds, actually it's zucchini flower plant, it's easier to deal with the squash flowers than the squash, I might get couple fruits from the plants, but that's okay, my friends and neighbors don't have to worry about me dropping off any zuc on their doorsteps :)