Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Preview of Squash

The squash around the garden are doing quite well. Hopefully they will all make it through the buggy and the muddy season! I certainly tried to pick varieties that would be more resistant to the bugs. Not all but some.
Waltham Butternut squash, there are about 5 that I can see. Some on the ground, some hanging on the fence.

Burgess Buttercup squash. These are doing remarkably well. These plants are so stinking long it isn't even funny! This is the biggest one, though you probably can't tell by the picture. It is hanging on the FRONT of the fence toward the street. Hopefully we don't get any rule happy ordinance keepers coming around. And the neighbors seem to be quite accommodating for now, not mowing down my vines that come through and all. Maybe they are hoping for a squash.

Summer Ball Bush pumpkins, there are about 6 or more of these.

Musque de Provence squash and acorn squash. Aren't they pretty!? :) There are about 5 acorn squash and these are the only 2 Musque de Provence I have seen.

Pennsylvania Dutch (longneck pumpkins). These have been a bit slow to get going but I have seen quite a few popping up along the fence. this is the biggest one so far.

Small Sugar pumpkins. There are 3 or 4 at least buried among the corn and pole beans that I can find. It's getting to be quite the jungle.

The sweet potato bed seems to be doing very well! Behind it is a new corn bed. My Hookers Sweet Indian corn failed so I replanted it. Hope it isn't too late and this won't be a bad spot for it, it is all I had left. It was where we removed one of the old beds over the winter that was too close to the tree cover.
I had some guests recently tour the garden and a big question was 'why are the pumpkins green?' There are so many different varieties of squash and pumpkins it is ridiculous. And none of them grow the same. They don't start the same color and there are certainly a ton of shapes and colors to finished pumpkins as well. And I love the color variety! That is what makes the garden so beautiful to me, the variety of wonderful and unique colors.


  1. Wow! All your variety of squash is wonderful! You are ahead of me but I did see a little zucchini growing! And yes, all the colors are so pretty. Nancy

  2. Beautiful squash! They all look so healthy.

  3. Looks like you are going to have a season filled with squash! Do you have problems with vine borers? If so, how do you deal with them?

    1. Oh yes! Borers drive me mad. That is why I tried to find more resistant varieties this year and I started as early as I could to give them a head start. I do find that the stuff that vines out long does better because it can set roots in various places keeping the plant going better. I can't say I do much else. I have tried to spray a bit of neem but have not kept up with it. With my summer bush varieties I just got them going early and hoped to get a bunch before the bugs killed them.

  4. Your winter squash look so amazing! Very smart trying out different varieties and starting them early.

    Winter squash are some of my most favorite things to grow. I love how they can turn into such giants, and they remind me of the coming fall.