Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunning and Welcoming back perennials

Took my seedlings outside today to be transplanted and get some sun since it is so beautiful today. Most of them are doing well, I think I lost some watermelon and some sugar pumpkin,  but I have at least one of each, and probably enough time to start more.
I am definitely in need of more supplies before I can do more seedlings or transplanting, but I would like to start some more summer squash, watermelon, sugar pumpkin, and some flowers. I did have a garden plan, that I never had the chance to post, but it's just as well I didn't because I think the plans have changed. Isn't that the way it goes though!

This is the first bed I have planted seeds in. On the left is Lincoln and Alaskan Peas. Hope I can figure out which is which when they are ready to be picked! In the center top 2 is spinach, next down is Chard if I remember correctly, the last 4 middle ones are Lettuce. On the right are yellow onions and bunching onions.
Here is where Jacob and I planted Broccoli, cabbage and Cauliflower. Before you get too excited about how nice they are growing, these are not our original seedling, they didn't make it. So I got some at the nursery. Stonehead Cabbage, Snowball Cauliflower, and premium crop broccoli. Need to get the insect net over them SOON!

Welcome Back Perennials!
This is the oregano that I bought last season, it appears to be doing quite well, while the catnip I bought at the same time does not appear to be returning. Oh well, I don't think I liked attracting the local cats!
This is my favorite of my 4 Achillea plants, this is Laura Red that my dh bought me last year! And I LOVE the red colors and cannot wait for it to bloom! I think it may need a bigger ring to hold them up though!
The Lilies are looking good so far and I better get to spraying them before the Botrytis has a chance to destroy them once again this year! By mid summer last year they were brown stalks.
Right now the only thing attacking them is some critter munching on the leaves.
Moonbeam Coreopsis I bought last year. It appears to have thickened up quite a bit.
This is the first time since we have moved into this house that my Lilac has had flower buds! Can't wait for it to bloom. I am not sure what the people were thinking when the previous owners here have done a lot of what they have done, but they planted this Lilac in practically complete shade! Hello! No flowers. But, the neighbor did cut down her tree so maybe it will get a bit more sun and we won't have to move it. Time will tell, we have a lot of trees around it too.
Gonna be pretty!
When we first moved in, we had 3 Dogwood trees in the front yard. 2 of them are gone, they were destroyed by Dogwood Borers and ants had hollowed thru the center of one of them. This is my last one, and it isn't the healthiest looking but we are working on it. We may or may not be able to save it, but for now, the blooms are beautiful! I love Dogwoods! But they are hard to keep healthy around here.

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