Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Healthy plants to unhealthy, overnight

I really hate to go to bed with healthy plants and wake up to this…


Not really sure what the problem is. I don’t really think they needed to be repotted because they didn’t have much for root systems yet.  I have several guesses. 1)they aren’t getting enough light. 2) some are not getting enough water and some are getting too much. 3) there is some stupid gnat flying around and I wonder (after reading Momma_s’s blog) if it is causing fungus problems.

I really don’t know for sure, so I went ahead and repotted all the healthy plants or ones that looked like they might have a chance, and threw out the pitiful ones! Like I said, as I dug some out of the cell packs, they were wet on top, but not on the bottom. Others were growing mold on top.


I also hung my 4 foot shop light along the side of my indoor greenhouse, and took the cover off one of the ones inside just to get more light out of it.


I watered them all really well, and now, I just gotta hope they make it! It is funny how healthy some of them look and how pitiful some of them look. It is very frustrating!

I really have wanted to get outside and in the garden this week, but it has been raining for days. Rain. It can be such a blessing for gardeners some days, and such a hindrance others. You need it for your garden to grow, yet you can’t work in it, and you can’t work in the mud, and then if it rains too hard, all your hard hard work gets washed away or pelted. Some plants you might get blossom end rot, or it helps fungus to grow out of control. So, yes, I am ready for a few nice days to get out in the garden and finish planting flowers, mulching, and plant a few more things in the vegetable garden. I also would like to get my seedlings out for some hardening off. I have got them out a couple of times, but the storms would not have been nice to my tender little seedlings.

I also have found that my sweet baby boy likes the grass!


In this picture, he fell right to sleep. Another day, I was out working in my flower beds and I had him in the stroller but he did not like that at all. So, I put a towel down and layed him down. He went right for the grass. Rolling over to it, feeling it, pulling it. I think he likes it! Sweet!


  1. I'm going to vote light. They had impossibly long stems and most likely couldn't hold themselves up any longer.

    People always thought I was cruel to my children because when I wanted them to nap I'd take them outside and face them towards the sun so they'd have to close their eyes and they'd invariably fall asleep.

    Hey, It worked!

  2. Ribbit- ha ha! I like it! As long as it works!

  3. Hi, Shawn Ann. I have to agree with Ribbit, that it was probably the light that caused the plant's legginess. Keep it really close to your babies!! At the same time, the Miracle Gro seed starter mix caused issues for me--too dry on top, and some plants dried in the middle of the stem, or too moist, causing fungus gnats to take hold (not a big problem if the larvea don't take over the roots). I'll be making my own mix from now on (cheaper since I already have the ingredients in bulk anyway).

    I hope the rest of your seedlings enjoy your setup!

  4. I saw the picture and a little of the post in my update and thought I don't remember that picture. I follow your blog found you after searching garden blogs. I had the same experience and my research and later planting confirmed that the light had been too far away.Also a fan for a few hours a day on them helps strengthen the stems. Hope this helps.
    I killed all of mine except about 6 I put them out to harden and forgot them. Hope you have a great garden this year. Love the baby in the grass. Me and mine are allergic to grass.