Saturday, April 17, 2010

Making Changes

In addition to gardening and nature, I like to cook, I have a new baby and twin preschoolers, I enjoy doing some creative things now and then, and we are also doing a little DIY remodeling here and there. So, I think I am going to change my blog around a little bit and hope my current readers don't mind.
I'd would like to include more recipes, especially ones using my garden harvest. My baby has milk and soy allergies, so I would like to include milk/soy free recipes and baby food recipes as well, some using my garden vegetables of course. I would also like to share any resources I find that make living milk and soy free easier. 
Sometimes, I get brave and take on a sewing project, and of course I just love to show off my creative side!
Anything that I feel like sharing that has to do with my home or garden I intend to share and I hope you enjoy reading about our learning adventures and learn something new or helpful! And feel free to share with me.
So, I just don't want you to be surprised when you see everything all moved around and strange new non-gardening things on my blog over the next few days and weeks.
Thanks so much for reading!

In the Garden
Or I guess I should say in the bushes...
Yes, this is  yet ANOTHER Robin's nest! Right next to the garage door and in plain sight. Hopefully the kids do not find it, because I am sure they will destroy it! I guess I have somehow created a nice habitat for Robins....ha ha! We are gonna have a lot of Robin babies around here. Maybe they like all the worms I am trying to attract to my yard. Although I would rather attract birds that eat the bugs, not the worms!
I am hoping for a birdbath in my garden this year. We'll see how the budget goes.
As for other gardening projects, next week we are gonna get started on mulching and planting the flower beds. I can't wait! Makes such a difference in the appearance of our yard! And I love RED! We would like to have the yard and all the beds looking nice and manicured before the twins birthday party on the 2nd! 
Enjoy your reading and gardening!


  1. I'm looking forward to your blog changes! Not that I didn't enjoy the "old" blog, I certainly did, but I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.....especially using the garden produce!

  2. Thanks granny! I was hoping you'd like it!

  3. OOHhh.. I like the new look, too!

  4. Oh wonderful, I don't mind the changes at all! I have a zillion and one allergies myself so any recipe that's milk/soy free would be welcome. And I love to sew too and have a 4yo... I'm so IN! =)

    The robin eggs are amazing. Luck you!