Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robin's Nest and Lilacs

As my daughter says, "They smell yummy, mommy!" Yes they do, so I  had to cut some of the Lilac blooms and bring them in. They are so pretty and smell so yummy! These are our first blooms on this lilac bush and I am happy to have them!
As we were eating lunch on the patio, a Robin kept coming up and flying off and sitting in the tree staring at us. At first I thought it just wanted some of our food and I told Daisy to hurry up and eat cause the birds wanted her food. But it kept flying away from the door every time I went in or out and I saw the nest!
It is RIGHT by the door! The birds practically fly thru your hair!
So, now the question is, do I move it or leave it. I am fine with leaving it as long as the birds do  not get aggressive with my kids playing out there. But if they are gonna get mean, I need to move it away from play areas. So, I hope some of my gardening friends will have some helpful advice!


  1. Beautiful lilacs. Ours usually bloom Memorial Day. No advice on the bird's nest. I hope you can leave it there. It will take about 20 days until the babies leave the nest.

  2. Wonderful lilacs! I've heard if you move a bird's nest while the babies are still there, the mom/parent may become confused and stop caring for the babies. Try to keep it there until the babies are gone, then get rid of the nest. Be sure to wear protective gear and not have the kids around. Keep us posted--I'd love to see baby birdie pics...

  3. Thanks!
    I was thinking about leaving the birds nest there...but Daisy and Jacob's birthday party is going to be back there in just a couple of weeks. I wonder if it will be ok with a bunch of guests running around back there so close!