Sunday, April 18, 2010

Preparing flower beds and progress of vegs

I am very happy that these beds are looking so much better this year to start with than in the years since we have been here. This bed has been absolutely covered in wild violets and they are no easy task to get rid of! This year, only a couple! I have been working in the garden today, clearing any weeds and debris to prepare for the mulch and flowers next week.
The only original in this bed is the small round arborvitae. I have planted 2 Arborvitae's, lilies, and 2 Moonbeam Coreopsis.
The lilies have multiplied and are looking very full and pretty. I have sprayed them with Bordeaux Copper spray to prevent Lily Botrytis. They were completely destroyed last season and I hope to keep them looking beautiful this year if I can keep up with them!
A few more have popped up around the corner in between the Daffodils that are now fading away.
There was a good size Alberta Spruce here that I decided to cut down. The spider mites had gotten to it, it was in the way of my vision of the veggie garden and the kids play area, and it just seemed to attract a lot of bugs. So, I have planted some more lilies and some Blue Fescue here, and after the mulch goes down next week, you won't even see the stump...the brick won't be there either! Can't wait to get started!!!! I get to pick out flowers next weekend!
On the corner of my house is this Viburnum. It has seen better times I am sure. When we first moved in it was so overgrown and hanging over the walkway to the gate. I began to trim it and found that some of the stems were hollowed out full of ants, so it got a major pruning. I haven't had flowers on it the past two years. Maybe next! I hope so because the flowers are SO fragrant and pretty!
in the middle of the flat rocks is a salvia plant I am trying to protect.

The veg beds are doing quite well. Everything looks healthy despite the animal that keeps trying to dig holes in them!
Hopefully the tents will help to keep them out until I come up with a better solution!
I am trying to come up with a better plan for covering my beds, especially the cauli, broccoli, cabbage bed. I want to keep it covered all the time, but I want quick easy access too! Thinking of making something with zippers and stapling it to a square "lid" frame. Whatever I do, it needs to be something easy to get into and easy to take down and store! And  look nice too! We'll see what the season brings us!
All the vegetables inside are doing quite well. Nothing too huge yet, though some may be stunted and ready to get outside with more room to spread their roots. I have lost a few things, maybe due to letting them "sun" too long or something, I don't know. They seemed so healthy and growing well and then dead! Oh well, try again! All the peppers, tomatoes, basil and such are doing REALLY well. I might not have enough room to plant them all. I'll be hiding them in nooks and crannies of the flower gardens! Ha! I won't waste one though, even if I have to give them to someone else who has room!
Well, hopefully next week I will have new photos of completed flower beds! We'll see how much work the baby lets me do!

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  1. Sorry I have zero to help out with an easy cloche system but I can tell you that if change the pH of your soil it'll help keep the violets away. If you add calcium, lime and dig out as much of the root system as possible (they reproduce by rhizomes and stolons as I'm sure you know!) it will make the soil inhospitable for them and they might not come back. =)

    And YAY! Flower shopping trip!