Friday, October 29, 2010

The 1st Birthday Cake

I realized that I forgot to post a picture of Eli's first birthday cake that I did. I am very proud of it. It turned out great! He is really not "into" anything yet, so I thought a fallish theme seemed suitable. He had orange pancakes for breakfast, and orange frosting on his red velvet cake. Beautiful fall colors.
And here it is almost gone! The boy can put down the cake! He had a HUGE piece! He is the birthday boy you know!


  1. What a wonderful picture!! My grandson looked the same at his first BD!! Pictures like this are priceless!!

  2. Thanks! Ya, the twins didn't have a 1st bd pic like this cause they were allergic to dairy and! But on their 3rd birthday we put the cake right in front of them and they just put their faces right in it. Don't know where they got the idea they could just eat right off the cake but it was hilarious!