Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bye Bye Walnut and Maple tree...

The back yard smells like sawdust right now with 2 trees scattered throughout the yard. The Walnut tree was to the bottom right there. And the Maple was in the center of the back along the fence. The Walnut had been sick for the past couple of years and was just miserable looking, losing all of its leaves by mid August. Might as well of been dead. The Maple was severely damaged by all the wind and ice storms we had the past couple of years and was leaning toward the neighbors behind us.

 What a big mess to clean up! Good thing the chipper is coming through the neighborhood soon! They aren't going to like us!
The missing Walnut! It was to the right of these three trees.
 And this one really leaves a gaping hole! Hopefully the Maple to the left will fill itself in the next couple of years. These maples really didn't have enough room to grow anyways. There were 3 maples all planted right there together. Two would have been enough. There is one more behind the shed that is also in pretty bad shape and needs to be removed as well. It's too bad previous owners never really took care of these trees and thought about how and where they were planting them! I hate to remove a beautiful full grown tree!
So we have lots of work ahead of us the next couple of weeks before the chippers come. I have to admit though, regardless of whether the Walnut was sick or not, I am glad to be rid of it. I hated it! Now, I should get a bit more sun to my flower beds around the patio. That should be nice!

When we moved in this house 3+ years ago, there were 3 Maples, 1 Cedar, 1 Oak, 1 Walnut, 1 Apple and 1 Pear, and one unknown tree in the back yard. That is 9 trees! Now we are down to 5. In the front we had 3 Dogwoods, 2 Maples, a very large burning bush, 2 Alberta spruces, and a 25+ft Blue Spruce. That is 9 in the front. I guess that is a bit of overkill. Especially since most of them were planted practically on top of each other where they could not ever meet their potential! But now, in the front yard, the 2 Maples, 1 dogwood  and a Crepe Myrtle now remain! I LOVED the Spruce, but we lost it to one of the storms!
1 week later...
Most of the larger trees still need a lot of trimming and cleaning up. But, it's pricey and takes time! But, they still look better already with what we could do ourselves!


  1. It's always sad to have to remove trees. Sorry.

  2. I understand that walnut leaves are supposed to have some kind of detrimental effect on the growth of other plants. You're not even supposed to use them for composting because they will impair the microbes. Maybe it's a good thing that it's gone.

    You live in a beautiful area!

    Have a great day!
    Veggie PAK