Monday, October 11, 2010

Harvest Monday Oct 11, 2010

I am happy to report that we have narrowly missed all the frost advisories in and around our area and our tomatoes are still going! I got 3 good ones this week and I am  hoping for more soon. It is suppose to be warm for at least the next week so we have a little more time. Yee Haa!
 I have also gotten several more beans and serrano peppers. The Serrano plant is still loaded, but some of them ripen up nice and smooth and some of them ripen up all wilty or dimply looking which makes me think there is a bug or something wrong with them, so I have been throwing those out. Ha, I got enough anyways! And in the top right corner there....yep, 3 peas. Blah! Come on peas!
 She just had to show off the garden she could get her grimy little fingers on them!  She first ate the carrot, as soon as I was done taking her picture, and then a few beans. Yes, raw beans! Cool huh! Love a kid who likes her garden loot!
This weeks harvest:
3 slicing tomatoes
2 qt beans
1 carrot
9 Serrano peppers
13 Juliet tomatoes
2 habanero peppers
3 peas
See my yearly totals posted at the link at the top! Maybe in the next week or 2 I will have some lettuce, peas or chard to add to the mix! So long as the unknown critter doesn't uproot them, they are doing well otherwise! Spinach is going kinda slow though.

Happy Harvesting and click on over to Daphne's Dandelions to see everyone else's garden loot!


  1. Nice harvest there even if the munchkin is stealing it all. I keep hoping for more tomatoes too. Then I can have some nice salads when I thin out the lettuce.

  2. Your daughter is just a darling! Love your little harvest basket, and the contents look really nice, too, for this time of the year!

  3. My daughter was like that in the garden and grew up loving (and eating!) her vegetables. So many rewards from the garden. :D

  4. Some of my serranos and jalapenos are wrinkly too. I just wrote it off to the heat wave we've had, though I don't know for sure. You've got a great garden helper in the making there!

  5. Villager- I have actually had a couple different kind of worms getting into my peppers, I think both the pepper maggot and corn ear worm(?). I think that they might be some of the cause according to some of what I have read.
    As for my garden helper, the other one is more of a helper, and this one is more of the eater! She likes to benefit off of other peoples work!!