Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Monday Nov 1, 2010!

By October 16th last year the garden was completely cleared out and done for the season and I was getting ready to have my little baby boy. But this year, it is November 1st and I still have a pretty full garden!
The other day, I had picked this whole bucket of green tomatoes and peppers before frost, and a couple of pea pods. I got it all cleaned up and laying about hoping for it to ripen!

After a few days, a lot of the hot peppers had changed colors to orange or red. Very pretty aren't they? I also had several Juliet grape tomatoes and a few slicing tomatoes and potted up my spicy globe basil in a beautiful pot that I received flowers in for mothers day!
I won't even show you a picture of the destroyed hot peppers we TRIED to smoke! They were burnt to a crisp! We'll try again!

The beds out there have a decent amount of Chard and lettuce!
My daughter eating chard like a sucker! She ate 2, crazy girl!
And the birthday boy(Tuesday), how he loves his squash! ;)
 No, these are not our own home grown pumpkins, sadly! And, it is really only one. There are a couple more uncarved ones on the porch.
 It isn't even from the farm we like to go to. We got rained out for Eli's birthday and ended up buying pumpkins at the big box garden store. booo!

 This week from the garden:
22 bell peppers
5 JalapeƱos (that we burnt to a crisp!)
23 Habanero peppers
41 serrano peppers 
3 pea pods
5 ripened tomatoes so far
36 ripened Juliet grape tomatoes so far
Lettuce 1 bunch
Chard (6 stems)

I should also mention that I planted garlic this week for the first time. I hope it goes well!

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  1. Looks like a great harvest. My green tomatoes ripened over the course of the past month. Hope yours last that long too.

  2. Love your window pictures. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Wish I had that many tomatoes right now.

  3. Your tomatoes lined up on the window look so pretty. I just pulled out most of my tomato plants, but my green maters are just sitting in a box. Good luck with your garlic!

  4. Great post and lovely pictures. Do tell us how to smoke the chilies later...promise.


  5. You definitely need to give the pepper roasting another whirl. My absolute favorite smell in the world is roasted peppers. Truly divine!

  6. You've got some cute vegetable-friendly children over there! :) I hope all your green tomatoes ripen up nicely to provide you with fresh tomatoes the rest of this month!