Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Planting and Dividing

I started a small new flower bed this fall. I wanted mums, but I didn't want to mess up the beds I already had planted, so we cleared a stretch along the walk to the front door. I also wanted to give them plenty of room to grow and round out!
This is before...

 Son helping Dh clear a spot.
 It has been so blasted dry here, the ground was hard as a rock. Dh even broke a metal sprinkler stake trying to get it in the ground. So, I filled the holes with water to let them soak over night. It took them several hours to empty! I don't think they were empty by the time we went to bed! For average drainage it should take a few  hours for a hole this size to drain in normal, non-drought conditions.

 Well, they were planted, the next day and are now in full bloom and look very nice. We still need to mulch them well and hope they can handle our winter. And I really hope to have a giant plant in the next year or so! I saw some really pretty ones today walking thru the hood! Practically a bush, and so lovely!
 Really looks fall like doesn't it!
 My son and I dug up the Spicy Oregano plant today to be divided. This was one huge plant. I planted two for myself and potted up 4 to give away! Three are already spoken for!
We took it out of this large spot in the 4X4 bed. It was only given one square on the edge, but it was creeping into the 3 around it. This was it's second year in this location and time to move out!
 Here is my dear son helping me make a spot for it! We put a small section in the hole and another small section in the large clay pot. If the one in the ground gets too out of hand, I will just keep it in the pot, or bury a pot in the ground.

I planted red carnations from seed this year, and didn't really expect to get any flowers this year, but I did get a few lovely surprises. I had them all in the bottle together, but my four year old decided to pull them apart! As if she needs to be playing "he loves me, he loves me not" already! Ha, no, just kidding! She just is mean to my flowers! I can't wait to see them next year!
Happy Fall Gardening!


  1. The new bed looks lovely - very autumnal!

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