Monday, May 6, 2013

Harvest Monday and Celebration!

We have had rain all weekend, and right through the Kentucky Derby. Glad I wasn't out there. But I did have one good harvest before the rain came. Lots of spinach, lettuce, a bit of kale and chard. And there is more rain to come this week. My garden will be happy, though I still have a few things waiting to get out of containers and into the ground! Maybe in between showers!

Spinach, Lettuce, Red Russian Kale, a few tiny cuts of Rainbow Chard.

We also celebrated my twin's 7th birthday.
We ate breakfast and then had cake! Oh by! I didn't get all fancy with the cake this time, but I did make it from scratch with all real and organic ingredients and it was super soft and yummy!

After cake, we rushed off to Newport/Cincinnati for the aquarium and spent some time at the park along the river. Lovely area if you have the chance to visit!
My beautiful birthday girl. (boy refused to pose)

This weeks partial view of the garden. Almost all is planted in this area. The darker back bed is still waiting on purple sweet potato slips to arrive. Corn is planted all along the fence from the potato bed back (left), about 125, along with pole beans and vine squash (Three Sisters planting). Tomatoes, basil, onions, carrots and garlic in the 'L' bed. Peppers, carrots, spinach, lettuce, onion, basil in the next bed. Then the squash and cucumber bed. And the bushy bed is the raspberries!
Happy Harvesting (and planting as well)!!


  1. Lovely green harvests. And it looks like a fantastic birthday celebration!

  2. Your Greens look so good and a nice variety! The birthday cake looks yummy and healthy! Fun time with your kids and making memories is so nice! Nancy

  3. Shawn Ann, you have a fine looking garden. I really like your raised beds and how you have them laid out. I also like the snapshots from each year on the right side of your blog. I look forward to following your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  4. Happy belated birthday to the twins.
    You have such a neat and organized garden. Nice collection of greens.

  5. Thank you All! Have a good gardening week!