Monday, May 27, 2013

Harvest Monday 5/27/13

A little tiny bit of color is starting to show up in the harvest this week!
Raspberry leaves to dry and fill my jar for tea.

The first strawberry. No, I didn't get to eat it. My 3 yr old did! And, a little basil and kale. Just trimmed the tops off the basil to get it to branch out more.
  I was hoping my strawberry harvest would be bigger this year because the plants started out full and plentiful. Then a bunny came along from under the patio, eating through the lattice, and then half the strawberry plants. But, I still may get more than I have before, this seems like a good spot I have found for them, other than the bunny issue.

Some tiny wild flowers from the back of the yard.

Lettuce for burgers fresh from the farm! Mmmm they were yummy! Also made homemade whole wheat burger buns from fresh ground wheat berries!

The second strawberry! No, I didn't get this one either. My 7 yr old did. Maybe I'll get one when no one is looking! Also, lettuce, chard and kale.

Spinach, which is getting ready to be pulled because it is looking close to bolting. Other stuff is beginning to fill the area anyway! Make room! Summer is coming, I think...
And I thinned the cilantro a bit, which doesn't seem to want to take off this year. And a bit of cut oregano.

Next week there may be blueberries! Wonder if I will get any of those!

Go ahead, check out some harvests at Daphne's Dandelions. She has a few more strawberries than I do!


  1. You need to get more strawberries so that YOU get to eat some too! LOL! The produce looks beautiful this week. It sounds like berry season is about to get underway in earnest soon for you. I had a rabbit mow down my strawberry patch two years ago and it was very frustrating. Hopefully he(she?) has moved on.

  2. You're getting some nice harvests of salad greens. Hopefully this weather settles down and we do get summer, just not too hot and dry, please!

  3. Someday you'll get one of those strawberries!

  4. Hi! I am glad you reminded me that I want to dry raspberry leaves! If it ever stops being rainy and wet I need to dry thyme, more oregano and lemon balm besides the raspberry leaves! Sure is thrilling to find a strawberry! Hope you get to eat one. I love your pretty vase of wildflowers! I have a little patch of swiss chard that I would like to freeze. How do I use frozen swiss chard? Thanks. Nancy

  5. I've only had to deal with bunnies once, thank goodness, they are SO destructive. I hope you get a lot more berries and don't have to share with the furry critters.

  6. Beautiful arrangement! The next strawberry is yours.