Monday, May 20, 2013

Harvest Monday 5/20/13

It's Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions and I have about the same to show this week as last week.

Red Russian Kale, Lettuce (Rougette de Montpellier and Red Sales), Ashley lettuce and rainbow chard.

 That is it for the harvest. Around the garden things are coming along. These are all pictures of the garden on the NE side of the yard. Last week I showed the new beds on the SW side of the yard.

The potato bed is flowering, maybe I will search for some new potatoes soon, if I can do it without messing up the beans...

I may have to plant beans else where, the potatoes got so big so fast that I don't know how they will do. They are planted in between every potato row and they ARE growing, we'll see how well.

The older kids and their 'garden'. Growing well, but not sure if we will get peas, this spring has been too weird, it was 90 or close to it today! They have carrots, lettuce and a small White Currant tomato plant.

The White Currant tomato plant is blooming. How fun! I think this pot needs something though, the plant sure has a lot of yellow on it.

One side of the 'L' bed has 5 tomato plants, garlic, basil and carrots.

Other side of the 'L' bed, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, basil.

Carrots, peppers, potatoes, and basil. The spinach and Lettuce will probably be pulled soon with these hot temps!

Bush squash and cucumbers at the other end.

Cucumber end. I have had terrible luck with cucumbers the past couple of years, we will see how this year goes. My daughter would really like me to learn to make pickles!

Sweet potato bed with a few Pac Choi around the edges and the other end has my one and only Purple Broccoli after the bunnies ate the others. The sweet potatoes all look pitiful with some of the cold temps we had. I tried to keep them covered. They all have new leaves so  that is a good sign. The ones that came in the mail looked really pitiful too but they are perking up after planting.

Pac Choi is looking lovely!
Head on over to Daphne's Dandelions. The harvests are growing with more variety each week!


  1. So many greens! And your potatoes are already flowering!? I feel so behind! Must not compare, must not compare ;-) Wonderful harvests this week!

  2. Another harvest Monday and aren't we thankful for greens! I will miss them when the weather gets too hot! Your kids gardens beds are no cute. I never thought about planting beans between the potatoes. Will keep that in mind. I planted 12 potato pieces and only 8 have come up so far but still hoping. Yours are much farther along! Happy gardening! Nancy

  3. Your greens look lovely! I was late in planting my greens and they haven't caught up yet. I miss them. The rest of your garden looks like it is taking off as well.

  4. Your thriving garden is a treat to see! Our season's just beginning, even salad greens still a couple of weeks away...

  5. 90 degrees and your greens are still hanging on? Wow. Hope they keep hanging in there.

  6. I just have to make another comment and tell you I sauteed onions and then the spinach and fixed wit with scrambled eggs and cheese. Yum! So good! We both liked it. Thanks for telling me how. Nancy