Monday, April 29, 2013

Harvest Monday 4/29/13

It is Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions. Don't forget to check out what others are harvesting right now!
Lettuce, kale, chard, and spinach. Enlarge to see types

Last week I shared my favorite salad ingredients. Here they are. Dh really loves this salad as well, which surprised me a little!


There is nothing in here from my garden sadly, but it is my own concoction that I think is yummy. Homemade meatballs made with homemade Italian bread crumbs with homemade bread and with herbs from my garden...oh I guess it does have something from the garden! Layered with a baked potato, steamed broccoli and spicy beef gravy...oh, one more thing from the garden, hot peppers! Both the herbs and peppers were left over from last year and the year before.

I am really looking forward to these babies!

Blueberry and strawberry plants mingling with the Azaleas! Need to get them covered, bunnies are chewing through this lattice too, to eat my strawberry plants!

Potato bed filling out quite nicely! I plan to plan beans in here today!
Corn waiting to be planted today or tomorrow!

I am filling in the squash and cucumber bed.

Raspberry leaves. I have read that dried raspberry leaves, picked before flowering, can help reduce muscle cramping. I have advanced stage endometriosis and I am going to try a raspberry leaf tea, give it a test try.
I really love these bags for drying things like herbs. It will work well for the raspberry leaves. I will just shake it up every now and then to separate wet leaves. This one was actually a gift bag, but I have another sold as produce bags. The thyme is hanging in it!
Today's salad harvest! Yummy!


  1. Hi Shawn Ann, Monday again! Your greens look good and made up into your delicious looking salad. Your meal looks yummy too. I can't wait till I can find time to bake bread again! Your potatoes are doing great! I sure hope mine come up. What proportions do you use to make the raspberry tea? I had read you could make tea from the leaves but didn't know you were suppose to pick them before flowering. Wonder if they would work wonders for ones knees and stiff bones!!! Nancy

  2. The bunnies chew through the lattice?!! What a menace. Good luck keeping them out. I harvested my first tiny picking of blueberries today. It looks like yours aren't far behind. Good looking lettuce.

  3. Yum look at those blueberries! It's Autumn here so planting all the winter veggies :D