Friday, May 31, 2013

Around the Garden 5/31/13

Picture heavy walk around the garden the end of May 2013.
View of the NE Garden from the upstairs window. The potatoes and the raspberries have heavy growth.

Bush squash and cucumber trellis at the back of it, with lots of baby cucumbers!

Potato bed along fence, raspberries in back.

Three Sisters beds. Corn, pole beans and vine squash. The first 2 sections are Blue Hopi, and the far two sections are Hookers Sweet Indian.

Garlic is outgrowing the tomatoes here for now. I have already cut the garlic scapes! Most of the tomato plants do have a few flowers on them. Hopefully we get rain this weekend and kick them into high gear!

PEAS! Hope they have time to develop. It has been hot with no end in sight! These are Blue Podded Blauwschokkers. None of the other peas took off, the bunny ate them. These are in my kiddos big pot.

3 of the 6 Blueberry plants, these are now giving us berries. The others are not ready yet. Also some of the strawberries the bunny hasn't got to.

Lungo Bianco squash! Pollinated this one myself!

8 Ball Squash, pollinated these as well. There are two!

Asparagus bed. You can barely see the 10 ferny little things in the pic. There are some cabbage at the back as well. I don't know why, cabbage, broccoli, etc just will not get growing for me! My friend has some a few blocks over that are HUGE and I think she planted after me! Hope I get something.

Sweet potato bed. There are a few Pak Choi in here that will be picked soon. And the one and only Purple broccoli right here at the front, also not growing much. This bed also has a bit of dill and parsley. I was not able to get the cumin to take off. May have to try again.

The raspberry bed is full of flowers and budding raspberries. Mmmm! Can't wait!

This bed has a lot of carrots, peppers and a patch of potatoes at the back there.

Cranberry plant is flowering. I am being careful to water it well this year in hopes of getting some. It got too hot and dry last year and the buds just dried up and did not produce!

This is the bed the bunny got to. I had it all fenced in, but I took it down and put any "extra" plants I had in here since I didn't want them to go to waste. Tomatoes along the flower line, sweet potatoes in front of that, and the cabbage and lettuce that the bunny didn't destroy will hopefully finish up before the other stuff gets too large. And a couple of peppers between the cabbage and lettuce. I am sure I way over planted!

My new beds, Corn at the back, and squash on this end. Beans have also been recently planted between.

The corn end, with some vine squash and beans will pop through soon enough.

A view from the other side. There are also some melons planted in the bed along the fence and a few popcorn. It didn't have good germination, so there is not a lot.

Herb pot. Thyme, oregano, rosemary and a tiny basil plant.


  1. You have a gorgeous garden. My cranberry plants had flowers last year that all dried up too. We just didn't get the rain. I'm thinking I need to put some tubs underneath the plants to makes sure it stays moist down there.

  2. Your garden beds are so nice. You have so many of them to keep up to and it looks like you are doing a great job! So neat and tidy! Nancy