Monday, April 8, 2013

Harvest Monday and Spring has finally sprung!

I did harvest some spinach this week twice for a spinach, mushroom and feta omelet! Mmmmm, my favorite! I didn't take a pic of my harvest but you will see a pic of my spinach bed a few pics down, a bit picked clean ;)

In addition to my little harvest this week, there is a lot to look forward too! And I have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather!

My pop up green house is full and working hard growing all these goodies. On the top I have Sweet potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. Next is more tomatoes, some herbs, and the summer tray has just been started with squash and cucumbers! The third shelf down is mostly herbs and cabbage and a few flowers! The bottom shelf is corn that has just been seeded. The blueberries on the side are flowering and everything! I bought them last month and since they were in a green house they were already budding so I kept them in my green house and they are way, way ahead of the three I have planted in my garden that are just now budding. These may give me a nice bunch of blueberries! And they are protected inside my pop up from hungry critters! CAN'T WAIT! 

Tomatoes and peppers!

Sweet potatoes, with still more slips growing in my kitchen window.

Cabbage and a few herbs and flowers.

The largest planter here was my 3 yr old's Easter present, he got a pot, gloves, shovel and a froggy stake and was allowed to pick some veggies from my green house to put in it. He chose Kale, Chard, and lettuce. The other pots also have kale, chard, and purple sprouting broccoli. (Looks like the kale!)

This is one of 10 Purple sprouting broccoli plants that went into this garden surrounding the peas sprouting up in the back of the picture, and 3 lettuce plants not shown. Need to get the bamboo teepee up!

This is my spinach and lettuce that I overwintered in the pop up green house. It has been picked clean a bit this week to make some yummy omelets! The holes in the back of the bed and the bed behind it have all blue and red la soda potatoes in them!

This bed has a bunch of garlic, onions, and also carrots are planted all over in it and I am impatiently waiting for them to germinate! There are some planted in the bed pictured above too, between the lettuce and spinach.

This is my other son's little garden he got for Easter. He chose lettuce and carrots.

The raspberries are beginning to leaf. I am looking forward to lots of yummy raspberries! I cleaned and pruned the bed really well over the winter and I really need to fix the bird netting and add some compost.
I also have a trench that I have planted some Purple Passion Asparagus, that I hope have handled the late cold snaps well.
With the nice weather, I am sure everything will have a burst of growth here soon! Very exciting to have the 2013 garden season off and running!
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  1. You have got a lot coming along there! Spring has certainly arrived.

  2. You have a lot growing in your pop up green house, how big is it? Is it heated?

    1. I believe it is about 5ft X 5ft. It probably wasn't the safest thing but I had an oil heater set up on a stack of bricks in their when it was too cold over night (30's).

  3. Aren't you in zone 5? Did you use your pop up green house all winter? Tell me more about it. You sure have a lot of things started. I think it is great that you are letting your kids choose what to grow and garden too! A great way to have them love gardening! Nancy

    1. We are in zone 6. Yes I used it all winter to keep the spinach and lettuce alive. It wasn't really happy in there but they are alive and are now producing. I used it to keep peas going as long as possible too, but that wasn't much longer than normal.

  4. Protecting your blueberries with your pop up greenhouse sounds like a great idea. All mine were taken last year and I'm have been wondering how to protect this years crop.