Monday, April 15, 2013

It's Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions! Love Harvest Monday! Love seeing so many ideas for things to grow, probably too many ideas, and sharing what I have going on in my garden too!
Lettuce and Spinach is all I am harvesting this week. But I am getting a decent amount so I am happy! One less thing to buy at the store!

Everything is going so well in the pop up. Most of the peppers and tomatoes have been replanted into larger "pots". The corn is coming up well on the bottom shelf. Most cool weather stuff has been transplanted outdoors.

Speaking of transplanting, I transplanted about 10 Purple Peacock Broccoli plants to the side of my deck. I fenced it all in, except for this latticed area. Well, a stinking bunny appears to have chewed through a few places on my lattice and ate all but one of my Broccoli plants! I am so frustrated! There is one left and 2 with a couple leaves that I am not sure I have a lot of hope of coming back.

2 like this down to the ground, several just plain gone.

The garden redo is coming along really well! Can't wait to see it full!

The All Blue potatoes have begun to show themselves. No red la soda's yet. But I like the colors of these, they are a pretty dark indigo color as they come out and then turn a bit more green. Very pretty.

One or two purple passion are showing, hope more show.  But Yeah for these!
What's going on in your garden? Any great harvests this week? Share them at Daphne's Dandelions!


  1. You are harvesting a larger spinach and lettuce harvest than me it looks like but then you are feeding more with it too! Looks good. Nice you have a head start in the pop up with your plants. So sorry that the bunny ate all your broccoli. Bunnies are cute but a nuisance! Nancy

  2. Everything is coming along very nicely in your garden - including the garden redo itself! You obviously have been keeping busy out there.

  3. So sorry about the bunny eating your broccoli seedlings. Bunnies will chew through plastic, I had to reinforce the lower section of my fence with chicken wire.
    Nice looking lettuce and spinach. There is nothing to harvest from my garden yet.

  4. great harvest. your seedlings look good. so sorry that the bunny ate all your broccoli.nice blog!!!
    greetings from germany,