Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sweaty day in the garden...

but it had to be done. It has been so hot and humid out there and no rain, nothing is getting done. Fair warning! This is a bug rant! First thing this morning I made up a home spray. Lots of habanero peppers, a little peppermint soap and a little oil. Hoping to deter some of the bugs from feeding on my plants! And smother a few too.
 Did a lot of watering, planted some more seeds, pulled some dead stuff and gave the beans a haircut! I hope this helps them. They looked terrible. The bean beetles are terrible! Some days, between the bean beetles, squash bugs, SVB's and cucumber beetles I really feel like dousing my garden in Sevin. But, I battle on, chasing bugs around the garden, trying to hunt them down and kill them. Probably look like the neighborhood fool! BT and DE is about the most I have used in the past few years and it seems like the populations are out of control! But, I am persistent. Here is my bean bed with a haircut and new seeds planted. Notice the small watermelon hanging on the trellis on the left! The third! They sure are growing slow. Any tips?
 Ahh, my 10 foot or more sunflowers! And they don't even face my own house! They are turned toward the neighbors. I can't even enjoy them. But they sure are tall and pretty towering above the corn.
And, well my counter was full of tomatoes so I went ahead and peeled some of them after soaking them in boiling water for a minute and then put them in the freezer for later when it is time to do some canning. I got one full gallon bag stuffed! And there is still a full basket on the counter.
Oh and the weeds are out of control around the yard. Especially in the flower beds! I had some that were practically knee high and thick! I have so much weeding to catch up on, but it is just so hot! Fifteen minutes and your dripping! I could use a good thick layer of mulch, maybe on top of  a layer of newspaper or cardboard!

Seeds planted the past few days: carrots, beans, pak choi (maybe a bit early on that one, but, ah, I'll try it anyway!)


  1. I can pretty much keep up with the back yard and veggie garden but I've learned to avert my eyes when I'm out front. Yes, I have the high grass in the beds there. I tell Mr. Granny that's his part of the yard, I have more than my share of work in the back. You can imagine how much good that does :-(

    Lucky you, a whole gallon of tomatoes. I have half a windowsill full.

  2. Those tomatoes look great! I've got to get out back and snap some shot, myself.

  3. Next time, freeze the tomatoes whole with the skin on. When you are ready to use them, the skin will rub off under some running water.

    Sigh. No tomatoes in my gargen yet!