Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dinner Tonight

Salmon with roasted carrots, broccoli, and beans. All from the garden.
It has been in the upper 90's the past few days with the heat index in the 107-118 range. I pulled out of the garage today and all my windows fogged up and would NOT clear up. It has been a yucky couple of days and I have not been able to get in the garden much. I did pick some beans tonight and used them with some other stuff I have harvested the past few days. I had to leave my daughter's beans uncooked, because she likes them PURPLE! Fine with me if she eats raw veggies, all the better! Hers disappeared before anyone's.


  1. That looks like a great dinner. I don't blame your daughter for liking purple beans :)

  2. Dang, I wish I could grow salmon like that in my garden! ;-)

    It all looks delicious. I've about beaned Mr. Granny to death already, and the season is just starting!

  3. Purple beans are just fine. I got mine to let me cook them by calling them 'magic beans' and then they watched me cook them.

  4. Thanks GM

    Granny, Ha ha, I wish I could grow salmon like that! I would love to send dh and ds on a fishing trip to fill my little freezer with some salmon!

    Ribbit, I do tell them that, but she still like them purple! Ha ha! But you are right that is a great way to get them to eat them! It worked for a while!