Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Garden Tour and Cabbage Soup (pic heavy)

Herb pot, Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary. Oregano is planted out by the fence and is not looking so well in it's new spot this year. It will have to be moved.

This Acorn Squash is on one stem and connected. It is kinda cool looking and looks different than any of the other Acorn squash so far in it's coloring.

Summer Ball Pumpkin. There are currently 3 plants in the garden with a total of 4-5 pumpkins growing on them.

Brandywine tomatoes are of good size. These were a trade with EG! Thanks! Can't wait for a ripe one!

Cherokee Purple cluster. I have a few clusters of these with about 8-9 in each and they are good size as well! Mmmmm can't wait!

The long view of my garden down the fence line. Those are my pitiful potato tubs right in the front. They don't looks so hot, but I did get two potatoes out of it, so maybe there are more in there!

a few of the corn up close.

I have a few of these scattered around the garden, most not as big as this one. They may need to be pulled soon. All their stems have been pushed over by other plants and I do not know if they will continue to grow without tall healthy  shoots.
In the pop up! Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and squash that is small and hiding in here. One cabbage has been cut off out of here and a few small broccoli heads and shoots. The cauli is huge but no sign of a head yet. I'm letting them keep going as long as they are healthy. Maybe something will show up when it cools off around here. I do have a shade cover on the pop up but it may need more!

1st watermelon.

2nd watermelon! More are welcome...

grocery store peppers! My kids loved those little red, yellow, and orange sweet peppers so we saved the seeds and grew some.  They seem to be doing nicely.

My poor cucumbers! Looks like there might be only one left here out of 5!Grrrrrr! Guess the cucumber beetles have done their number. I started some more by the patio. Don't know if I will ever get any this year! These are the White Wonder.
These are the American Genuine, and they are just as bad. 1 or 2 plants left out of 5 and the cumbers are stunted!
Stunted cucumber #2.

Ruby Queen corn is the first bed along fence, then Sugar Buns, then Robust Popcorn which seems to be the tallest and the healthiest! Then even taller behind it is the sunflowers which will soon be opening!

Mystery peppers? Found it growing in the ditch and moved it. Already has little peppers on it if this is a pepper plant. I thought I would let it go and see what it does!

New coneflowers next to the white crape myrtle. They are lovely!

My garden helper showing off the tomatoes he can't keep his hands off of. Hope he doesn't pick and green ones! Those are our makeshift supports that we had to come up with since we didn't get supports up quick enough. There is twine all wrapped thru them.

Bean bed. Watermelons are on the left side going up the trellis.

Raspberry bed with 1 Matt's wild cherry tomato plant on this end with a few carrots scattered under it.

Parsnip bed.

Canteloupe bed

Pumpkin and squash bed with sweet potatoes on the right and a few beans scattered in there. The giant leaves coming toward you is a Dill's atlantic Giant and I HOPE to get at least one out of it this year! HOPE HOPE HOPE! Darn SVB's stay away! There is also sugar pumkins, white acorn and carnival squash in there.
Cabbage Soup: I heated some oil and sauteed up some garlic and cut up bacon then added the cabbage, and some basil and oregano, salt and pepper, and cooked until wilted. Then I added chicken broth and noodles, usually I use shell but this time I used rotini.

The kids said this was the best cabbage soup ever, even though I made them eat the cabbage! Ha ha! And cabbage soup is always better the next day! Mmmmm. I also top it with a little Parmesan!


  1. Everything looks great! I really love that acorn squash. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    If the cucumbers are the only bad crop this did great!

    You certainly have one proud little garden helper there!! I so miss my grandson in the garden this summer. Hopefully he will be home from Florida before the end of the season!

  2. Your garden is looking gorgeous! Much better than mine, which is quite disappointing this year.

    Can Eli get any cuter? I just can't believe how he's grown. Seems like yesterday he was just a tiny baby.