Monday, July 25, 2011

Harvest Monday 7/25-Winter Squash, tomatoes and more!

Beans are coming in every time I go to the garden in small amounts, but I am getting plenty to have a meal now and then and freeze some. Couple of broccoli shoots this week too.

Picked several of the Cabernet onions and the only 2 Spanish Gold I could find. The Cabernet are definitely doing better.

Plenty of carrots, that need to be frozen or eaten! And my first Black Krim in the back there. And YES, my little HELPER helped me pick a great big green Cherokee purple! He was VERY proud! I on the other hand had a different reaction, even though it was cute! It is now in the window hoping to turn red!

Then I went and knocked my own green Cherokee Purple off while running more twine thru the bed!

Tomatoes are starting to come in! I have two 1 pound each Brandywine (thanks to EG)! I went ahead and pulled them because they were hanging in the dirt and they were too heavy to try to support up, and they are turning! Also have the first Matt's Wild Cherry tomato on the left. DD loved it! A stupice in the middle, a malformed Cherokee Purple (that is his good side!), and an Arkansas Traveler. Also picked some Summer Ball Bush Pumpkins, the SVBS got the plants! Grrrr! I still have 1 summer ball pumpkin plant out there that I am watching closely! Also one of the Honey Bear Acorn Squash plants were also gotten. I got 1 squash out of it. There are also two cherry tomatoes in there that are suppose to be 'Texas Black' but not really sure. They don't look black and I can't find any online info on 'Texas Black'. They were given to my friend. They are doing well, just not sure they were labeled correctly by giver.
Some views of the garden this week!
Another view of the garden for July. Like our makeshift tomato supports? ;)

Cantaloupe and squash/pumpkin patch. I swear that Dills Giant is growing more than a foot a day!

I am impatiently awaiting these little babies to get growing! There are a couple bigger than this one, but not by much.

Caught this bugger right in the act of laying its Squash bug eggs! Took a picture then squished 'em all! Along with a few friends! I'm trying to keep up with thse boogers but it is hard! Especially in the squash and pumpkin patch! I planted way too close and a lot of them!
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Happy Harvesting!


  1. Great harvest - those Cabernet onions looks gorgeous and your carrots look awesome!

  2. I agree with Allison - those Cabernet onions are really beautiful! The pumpkins are a charming looking variety - at least you got a few of them before the squash vine boreres took them down. Darn bugs!

  3. Those cabernet onions caught my eyes too. I agree with others that it is really beautiful. Your carrot is so pretty, look so juicy.

  4. What a wonderful harvest! Those cabernet onions and carrots are beautiful! I bet your little garden helper was so proud to pick that nice green tomato for you! My grandson used to do that when he was younger! They are so eager to help out!

  5. Thank you all I think the cabernet onions are very pretty too! I think I will grow more next year!
    Yes my little helper was very proud! He does like to help, until he is ready to go in! It has been quite hot! ;)

  6. Nice harvest! I like those cabernet onions very much, too.

    Sorry about your squash plants. Those pumpkins that you were able to harvest look like the perfect autumn decorations.

  7. Lovely Harvest! Seeing the diversity of what you planted makes me think I need to be a little more adventurous next year!

  8. yes, those onions are such a lovely deep color : ) Thanks for the garden shots, too! Happy harvesting!

  9. Agree with everyone, those cabernet onions are gorgeous, and the harvest is varied and beautiful.
    I love to use duck tape to stick it to the bugs and eggs, and then squeeze them, it feel so good!

  10. Oh look at all those carrots. So pretty. I love the deep red of your onions too.