Sunday, July 31, 2011

Creating a little curb appeal

We are working little by little to improve the landscaping of our yard front and back. Today, dh surprised me with some edging bricks for the front. It is only part of the project we want to accomplish but it is a start and already and improvement. These first three pictures are from fall last year.

My mums have grown a lot this year and they are going to be beautiful with their new edging. The hill runs down toward the house and the sidewalk and washes the dirt and mulch right out of this bed. So I thought maybe some nice edgers would help. We also hope to put in new pavers to replace the sidewalk that match the edgers.

It is a work in progress but it it looking better already! I think some of the edgers need some leveling, so we will have to work on that too. I can't wait for these Mums to bloom it is going to be so pretty!

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