Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can Anyone Build Me a Boat?

I would post some pictures about the chores I have been doing in the garden, but it has been raining here, hard, for what seems like an eternity! I think they are saying it is over a foot of rain we have had. There are some amazing sites along the Ohio River and even some of the boat channels.
Our back yard, a nice river along side our burn pile!

Our river running into the neighbors yard and beyond... 

The water coming from our other neighbor's yards!
Maybe soon I can get some more garden stuff done. For now, I am waiting for a little sunshine to dry up all that mud!


  1. I am also worried about our garden floating away with all the rain we've been getting!

  2. This has definitely been one wet Spring! Hopefully your river will subside soon and you can get some gardening done

  3. Oh my! I hope the rain stops for a bit so you can dry out.