Monday, May 9, 2011

First Small Harvest of Season

My small but first harvest of the season! I returned from vacation to find my cilantro almost ready to bolt. This was only one plant, the one that made it through the winter. Now I need to find something to do with it! Maybe a little in some guacamole or something, but that's a lot for just that! I am just happy to get in on the harvest!
Today, I have been out in the garden transplanting many of my seedlings, peppers and tomatoes mostly. This week I hope to get a strip of ground tilled next to my beds to plant corn, beans, and squash! Let the gardening season kick into high gear!

Last week we celebrated my twins 5th birthday at Disney! Here's a family shot, minus the baby, he stayed with friends!
Happy Gardening!
And don't forget to stop by Daphne's Dandelions to see what others are harvesting!


  1. You could try a bean and corn salad type recipe that uses lots of cilantro. I just love cilantro and use it all the time when it is growing. Mine are still tiny though.

  2. My cilantro bolted way too early. All the plants I had this year were volunteers from last I guess I shouldn't complain. I love cilantro in fresh salsa (or some would call it pico de galo)!

  3. ACK! I'm only about 75 minutes from Disney (World that is) and my twinks will be 5 soon, too. *sniff* THey want to see the princesses so we may be heading that way ourselves soon enough. Cilantro looks wonderful. Mine is due for a haircut soon. LOVE fresh cilantro. My absolute favorite fresh herb!

  4. Oh, I bet the little ones really enjoyed Disney world!

  5. Seems to be one of the happiest family of the world. Wish your happiness touches the top limit.