Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hardy Cilantro and Feeling Behind

I had a terrible time with Cilantro last year. I kept planting seeds all spring, summer and fall. I got this little tiny one by the end of the season but it was so pitiful I just left it there, and the thing kept going through winter! And here it is today. Probably one of the fullest cilantro plants I have ever grown!

Almost all the beds have something planted in them so far, but much of it is too small to photograph. This one is going pretty good with peas, garlic, spinach, and chard. Doesn't seem like I am going to get much for peas once again. I just can't seem to get my timing right on it.

I am feeling pretty much behind on everything. Things either just don't seem to be germinating, or I am getting them started too late or both! Tomatoes and peppers are one of them. The tomatoes took a while to germinate and are quite tiny and the peppers don't seem to be germinating at all! Hmmm. I began putting a bunch of the seeds in wet paper towels and in a baggy to get them germinated, and those seem to be doing better, but behind! It's always something to work around every year isn't it? I am sure I will get stuff out of them, just later than I had hoped. So far, the items growing the best are the onions and the garlic. 

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  1. I have such a difficult time growing Cilantro as well. I never have enough. Your overwintered Cilantro looks so good. I didn't realize it could tolerate cold temperatures.