Sunday, November 7, 2010

Garden Clean Up and Canning

Yesterday I took all the tomatoes out of the freezer that I had been saving all summer, and a good portion of my tomatoes that are ripening on the window and counter and started canning. Not a huge turn out for this summer. Seven pints. I might still get 1 or 2 more from the 30 tomatoes I have left ripening.
 Today, I cleaned out the garden bed. All that is left is peas, lettuce, chard and spinach. I picked a lot of the lettuce the other night before a night in the 20's. The rest of it appears to be ok for now.
 All cleaned up. The tomatoes are pulled. The only box with a grid on it has some garlic shooting up! Yay!
 I pulled all the frost killed plants, mostly Impatiens, and dug up the Dahlia's.  I rinsed them off good, dried them in the sun and put them in paper bags with sawdust from all of our recent tree trimming!

It was a hard days work while hubby was dragging tree limbs to the front for the chipper! I pulled plants, removed the lattice from the was in pretty rough shape. Turned all the soil in the beds, raked up around the beds and moved some bricks and rocks. Then finished off by trimming the front bushes! Whew! All this while little Eli watched! He was not too happy by  the time we came in.


  1. The end of the season preserving and fall garden clean-up is a lot of work! But, it is well worth it in the spring!!

  2. I agree that it's a lot of work, but when you're doing it, don't you have a feeling deep inside that says SPRING'S COMING! That makes it easier for me. Every piece of the work that you do is for the betterment of your garden next year. I think it's a good feeling!

  3. Veggie PAK, I think what I love most about garden clean up is getting all the deadly looking plants out and looking all clean and ready for a fresh start with new plants!