Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Garden and Smoothies!

The November garden sure is small! But there are still things coming out of it occasionally!

Lettuce is still going. I am lucky to have any at all. This is the bed the critter likes best, and the one in the corner there. I have found animal waste in the beds a couple of times. Cat? Possum? who knows! I never catch it! I am too busy sleeping!
 Sugar snap peas almost to the top of the trellis, but no peas yet! The peas on the other trellis have given me a few. I planted a lot of Lincoln and Alaska peas, but not many took and the ones that did aren't this high. Guess they did not like our warm fall! There is some chard down there too!
 Sugar Snap Pea flower!

I do have a little spinach growing too. But it is growing super slow and I don't know if I will get any before it gets too cold for it.

My kids love yogurt and berry smoothies, and after reading about Green Smoothies on Our Happy Acres, it gave me the idea to add some green to our smoothies! I have some Chard to find some uses for, so why not! Ya, their not green like Villager's! They might have turned their nose up at that! But these were good, and any extra green is good if you ask me! My kids are pretty good about eating their veggies anyway!
 Eli's was made with Coconut Milk Yogurt, blueberries and greens due to his intolerance of dairy! He loved it and was mad when it was gone!
So, thanks for the idea Villager!


  1. I'm so glad everyone loved their smoothie!

  2. Oh my gosh, just look at that little cute face!

  3. Eli's smile is adorable! I love your trellis that you have in your snow pea bed. Did you make it? I'm thinking about adding a trellis to our new raised beds. We have snow peas growing in the garden and so far only harvested 4 peas. I just read your comment on my blog about the chili. You had 3 habaneros and serranos in your chili! Wow! Sounds super spicy! I'd be drinking a gallon of milk with that!

  4. Thanks guys!

    meemsnyc...I used the directions in Square Foot Gardening to make my trellis! It was pretty cheap and easy.