Monday, November 8, 2010

Harvest Monday November 8, 2010

Finished picking the peppers last week before we got 20's over night. Seems like it went strait from warm to cold!
 A pile of Chard and about a gallon size bag stuffed full of lettuce!
 The tomatoes that have ripened so far. There are about 30 left on the window sill.  I canned these the other day with what I had in the freezer waiting to be canned.

Today I am working on bringing my indoor greenhouse out by a window. It just didn't do well in the laundry room last year. I think it needs all the extra light it can get! I will be putting my basil plants in there and maybe some other cuttings. And of course seedlings will be started in the spring in there!

Don't forget to check out Daphne's Dandelions for more on what is being harvested this time of the year!

This weeks Harvest:
16 Tomatoes
30 + Juliets, it's really hard to count when my dear daughter keeps eating them right out of the basket as they ripen!
1 Gallon size bag of Lettuce
1 bunch Chard.


  1. Beautiful November harvest Shawn Ann, con gratulation.It all looks very fresh and lovely.

    Now I'm going to explore your blog.


  2. The juliett tomatoes are very good. I bought Park's Whoppers in the spring, but one turned out to be a Juliett. What a tremendous producer! Almost unbelievable.

    I had rainbow chard right through the winter last year. It even survived the snow that we had for a few days.

    Keep up the great job you're doing!

  3. That chard looks great! I have never grown it before...but, I have some seeds for next year!

  4. The lettuce and chard look lovely! Nice looking peppers too.

  5. Thanks Tyra, I hope you find something you like!

    Veggie Pak, yes those Juliets are quite a good producer. My little ones are tired of them this year though, so I won't be growing them again next year! On to something new!

    Robin, Thanks, I had only even bought chard at the grocery once before, so I haven't used it much. Learning new things to do with it is good! We like it on homemade pizza!

    Thanks villager. Those were some baby last peppers! But, the kids like em, so at least they came in useful!

  6. You got a great final harvest of peppers and tomatoes. The greens are tempting looking too!

  7. Wow, you harvested peppers in November? That's amazing. The greens look really nice.

  8. Thanks kitsapFG!

    Mac, it has been an unusual season here this year!

    Thanks Dan!

  9. The habaneros that we are growing are also scotch bonnet. Hot hot hot. Thanks for the tip about freezing them whole. We will do that. Question for you, how do you cook with them? I only use them sparingly for hot flavor because they are so hot and I put the in dill / sweet pickles. Would love to know other recipes to use with them since we have so many!!

  10. Pretty harvest. I didn't get nearly so many tomatoes. All mine that are ripening inside are from one plant.