Monday, June 21, 2010

I Think I’ll get in on this Harvest Monday!

I have had a pretty nice harvest the past couple of days and thought maybe this time I will show it off in Daphne’s Dandelions Harvest Monday!

Today I harvested 2 more Black Beauty Zucchini, a small lettuce, an 8 Ball Zucchini, a small bunch of Basil, and another bunch of beans, Royal Burgundy, Provider, and Tender Improved Green Bean.


Some of it is going into a crock pot for dinner tonight with a roast along with some of yesterdays.IMG_1794_1 I took some of yesterdays harvest and made baby food for little Eli. Green beans in the bowls and zucchini in the ice tray! This will be his first green beans tonight…strait out of the garden! I am so proud!


My total harvest so far this year:

Bush Beans: 2 quarts

Lettuce: 9 heads about 2- 4lbs

8 Ball Zucchini: 2

Black Beauty Zucchini: 4

Alaskan and Lincoln Peas: 2 1/4 cups

Oregano: 1 baggie dried

Basil: 2 baggies dried

Bright Lights Chard: 8 bunches

Broccoli: 4 heads

Cosmic purple carrot: 2

cabbage: 1 head

Cauliflower: 1 very nasty one, but Daisy liked it, so it counts! She ate it!

Well, I haven’t noticed any more squash bugs, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there, I have noticed a few squash vine borer moths flying around, grrrrr, and Japanese Beetles seem to be terrible this year. They weren’t this bad last year. May have to get out their with a bowl of soapy water if I ever get time! Bet Jacob would love to help me swat beetles into a bowl of soapy water! As I was swatting them away while I was picking earlier, he told the neighbor’s dog, Sarge, that he needed to eat all the bugs! If only! I’m just glad he hasn’t eaten any of my plants so far! Just an insect net or two!

I do have a very small pumpkin that appears to be on the Dills Atlantic Giant vine. It is about 3 inches or so and looks like I may need to put something under it real quick! I sure hope it turns out to be a big one and that the SVB’s don’t destroy it this year!

I do think I am going to have summer squash growing out of my ears before the SVB’s kill them off though! At least they are fast growers! I may have to freeze some or something. Hmm, what is the best tasting way to preserve a summer squash?

On a silly note, I would like to introduce you to my fam…


Ha Ha! Yesterday was Eli’s baby dedication, and we didn’t have any family coming, so a friend made us a family! That’s us in the front row! Ha Ha, Those are Dh’s parents on the left, and mine on the right! It got a pretty good laugh from everyone! Fun stuff! (And yes, those are balloon people!)

Happy Harvest Monday!


  1. Beautiful harvest, Shawn Ann!

    I was so happy to see your entire family at the baby dedication. You really look a lot like your mother! *wink-wink* LOL!!

  2. Wonderful harvest! What a great thing to do with the baby food!!

  3. How creative! I can't believe you can get in all of that gardening still. You're a power house.

  4. It is so nice to be able to feed your baby directly from your garden. With such a good start he will always love fresh veggies.

  5. I bet that baby food you made is so much more nutritious than the canned stuff everyone buys. Nice harvest.

  6. I'm with Daphne, and I bet it taste better too! that's a lovely harvest in that basket.

  7. Thanks Granny!
    Allison, Villager,Angela, Daphne, he did like the green beans last night for dinner! I was happy about that.
    Ribbit, I totally do not feel like a powerhouse! I think it helps to motivate me to get out there knowing how much my 4 year old likes the garden! I like to teach him!

  8. Eli's a lucky young man with his home-made baby food. Looks great and your harvests appear good! Good luck with those beetles.