Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pumpkin, squash bugs, SBV’s…the battle continues!

The squash vine borer has been doing its work around the garden. So today I took a toothbrush out to brush the vines off. It was a bit tedious! Then I sprayed the vines down with some BT in hopes that if I missed any, which I am sure I did, that it will ingest a little BT on the way in and DIE!
As I was working my way around the vines I found this little SVB entrance! (Click on the pic for a larger view). I think and hope that I found it early enough to take care of! I injected this area with BT!
The hole for the SBV was only about a half foot away from my precious pumpkin! I do not want to lose them this year, but this is quite a task trying to battle these little buggers.
I found SVB eggs on the buds a lot, and some on the stems. But they were pretty scattered around, which makes them difficult to find and get them all! But I am trying!
I was sharing some garden talk with one of my friends who seems to be inspired to start her own garden when they buy their next house here soon. I was telling her the bug stories, and trying to explain to her the squash bugs, so when I found some today I thought I would take a picture, and apparently I think I caught them in the act! Well, they are no longer…
Last year I had caught a shot of some eggs and nymphs, they went crazy after I got too pregnant to tend to the garden. I was afraid they would be just crazy this year. So far it isn’t too bad, but I am watching for those eggs! I do not intend for it to get any worse!
I also found my first spotted cucumber beetle in the garden today. I have to say, I feel very good that I have not resorted to any harsh chemicals last year or this year. And it makes me feel good about the food I am giving to my family, especially homemade baby food. Eli really seems to enjoy his green beans!  It is very satisfying!


  1. The pests will just about drive you nuts. I lost three plants today to SVB. So sad.

  2. Git 'em! Git 'em! The watermelon is so pretty, so I hope you can keep away from the blasted SVBs it and everything else.

  3. I wish you luck with those particular pests. They sure can cause alot of problems for ya, if you don't stay on top of things.

  4. Oh I know! They are terrible! All of them nasty buggers!