Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mid June Garden Tour

We have gotten quite a bit of rain the past several days and it is really showing in the garden.
(Picture heavy)
NE garden view from the upstairs window

My sons garden pot, beans, kale and there is a small chard hiding behind his frog.

The SW garden, definitely becoming a tangled mess. For the most part I have been able to keep all the vines in the beds, until all the rain, it got a little carried away, but not too bad. I still have paths.

The 'extras' bed. (where I planted any leftover plants no one took! I just can't waste them!)

The vines in the SW bed climbing the fence. It does look beautiful in my opinion, hope I don't get any nasty grams from the neighborhood association.

The cabbage along the fence is forming heads. The asparagus seem to keep popping through, all seem to have taken, yippee!

Sweet potato bed. There are also  a few dilll and parsley plants, a kale plant and a Purple Peacock broccoli way to the back.

I see red in the raspberry bushes! Only a couple but a sign that they are coming! This makes me very happy!

Summer Squash and cucumber bed. This bed is my most active right now giving me lots of goodies!

Summer ball pumpkin

Cucumbers are doing well, this is a Boston Pickler

Some beans will be ready soon. They are hiding among the dying potato plants.

Pepper bed, also filled with carrots, basil and a few potatoes.

Tomatoes are growing slowly but have tomatoes on them.

Blue hoppi corn, sugar pumpkin and other squash, and pole beans...AKA Three Sisters.

This is a spicy pepper plant. Beautiful purple isn't it. I have come across 2 possible ID's for it, so as it grows I will try to pin it down better. It has tiny round berry sized peppers smaller than a dime, and they start purple and turn bright cherry red.

Georgia Flaming Hot peppers.

This Japanese Black Trifile  tomato plant has the most tomatoes on it so far.

Beets among the tomatoes, carrots and garlic.

NE garden, to the left is suppose to be the Hookers Sweet Indian corn, it is not growing too well as you can see. The tall corn is the Blue Hopi, it seems to be doing great. I have replanted the Hookers and we will see what happens. Even if it grows well it will probably get attacked by the corn ear worms this late in the season.

There are about 5 good size acorn squash growing so far.


  1. Wow! Your gardens look great! I love that they are as pretty as they are useful. Can't beat beautiful + bountiful!

  2. Rain at the right time sure does help! We could use some again. Your gardens are looking good and yes it like the climbing on the fence. I also like to see gardens in the front yard!! You have a lot to keep up to and I like how you include your children! Nancy

  3. The garden is coming along beautifully. You are going to be buried soon with goodies.