Monday, June 17, 2013

Harvest Monday 6/17/13

It has been a good harvest week.  I bet the harvests are really picking up for everyone, so join in the fun at Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Monday!
First carrots of the season and I am happy to say they were good without bitterness! Lesson learned, keep the shoulders good and covered to avoid green shoulders and bitter carrots!

The cucumbers began coming in this week! The first cucumbers I have had in 2 years I think. I started them good and early to try to avoid the cucumber beetle damage before I got some. I saw my first cucumber beetle Saturday June 15th! He didn't make it I am sad to say.

The first pickling cucumber I have grown. Gonna try to make pickles for my daughter. Her and I will probably be the only ones eating them, but that is ok, MORE FOR US!

A nice variety here. Boston Pickling cucumbers, either Marketmore cucumber or American Genuine, 8 ball zucchini, blue podded peas, chard, red russian kale, strawberries, blueberries and a couple of carrots, maybe sweet treat and cosmic purple.

Yay! Potatoes for dinner! They were sooooo yummy. All blue and kennebec.

The first Lungo Bianco Squash and yellow sebring squash. A bunch of Thyme to give away since I already have a ton. In case you wanted to know, 1 plant is PLENTY, I have 2.

Oh boy, roasted chicken with roasted potatoes from above and roasted black beauty, lungo bianco and yellow sebring squash. YUMMY! And we had zucchini bread to go with it, tis the season for ZUCCHINI Everything!

Check out those blueberries. One plant that I just started harvesting from is called Chandler, it has HUGE berries! Should have gotten more of those! ;)

Gonna give these Lungo Bianco squash to my mom to try. She is vegetarian, she can use all the veggies she can get! She loves squash. And the kale is still surviving the heat for now.
It has been a great week. What are you bringing in? Share! I totally cannot get enough of those strawberries, especially when I have to fight the kids for them. That is when it is nice to go on an evening stroll of the garden after they are all in bed! ALL FOR ME! :D
Happy Harvesting!


  1. The variety! Absolutely amazing! I know it will come here, too...but right now your harvests look just like little spots of magic! Enjoy the bounty!

  2. Nice harvest. Glad you are getting some cucumbers finally. Nothing like home grown cukes. I usually grow some picklers too. They are just as good for fresh eating with plenty left for pickling.

  3. Lovely harvest. Just look at that purple basil. So much color this week. Nice dinner, too! ;-D

  4. What a great variety! I'm most envious of the carrots, as so far my garden has had total carrot fail this year. Everything looks delightful :-)

  5. Love the colorful harvest with purple peas and potatoes, bright orange carrots and cucurbits! Can't wait to see some on my own eventually.

  6. Beautiful harvest. I love the pictures. A great variety for this time of year. We are still just eating lettuce and thinking about peas!

  7. What beautiful and varied harvests. I can just see you out in the garden having the most perfect strawberry dessert, what delicious fun!

  8. Looks like you have a little bit of everything! Your carrots look great and I should check mine to see if I could pull a few. Your cucumbers are way ahead of mine. I must not have gotten mine in on time! I love cucumbers! Nice harvest! I thought chocolate is the only thing we snuck behind the kids backs! lol Nancy

  9. Quite a bountiful and varied harvest. I should check my carrots to see if any has formed.

  10. Beautiful carrots! Our Chandler is just now starting to ripen, and those berries are huge.

  11. Crunch crunch crunchy carrots and cucumbers look so good for the warmer weather, they look so good.
    Oh yum the berry families...I am drooling over your harvest.