Friday, June 21, 2013

Cranberries! (Green still)

Last year in July this is what the cranberries looked like:

July 2012 dried out cranberries that never did anything! Total bummer!
This year, there are CRANBERRIES! Oh I can't wait! There are not a ton of them, but still, this will be my first harvest!
I guess I better get them covered too before any critters get to them. They are planted at the end of the strawberry and blueberry bed. It is hard enough to keep the critters out of those.
I only just noticed these today, so it is a nice surprise.


  1. That's pretty awesome, Shawn Ann, growing your own cranberries! I thought they had to grow in bogs.

    1. These are a bogless type but it seems they still need plenty of water!

  2. Awesome! I hope nothing happens to them for you! Nancy