Friday, August 12, 2011

Ity bity frogs, tree like plants, and seeds

Out in the garden picking a few things this morning, I noticed a tiny frog here...

And here...

and here....

And here!
little ity bity frog hanging out in the raspberries (riddled with holes from the stinking Japanese Beetles!)

My little one got a kick out of this one. We picked him up and he wanted to hold it but then pulled his hand back and laughed.
I do wonder what these little ity bity frogs are doing for my garden. They are so small!

In the spring I had planted two Matt's Wild Cherry tomato plants here in the end of this bed. One got uprooted by a critter digging around in my beds, and at this point, I am glad because this plant here is crazy! And still growing!

I have started doing a bit of seed saving here and there. So far I have gotten some Black Cherry Tomato seeds, Coriander, and this is just a small bit of it. Providor Bush beans and Taylor Dwarf Horticultural, but I may just use those as dry beans because I still have plenty of seeds left.

Some other things I plan to save seeds for this year are, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Brandywine, Ruby Queen Corn, Sunflowers, the lettuce is just about ready, more beans, a variety of squashes and pumpkins, and we'll see what else! I try to learn how to save something new every year. Especially for stuff I really like! It is easier than I ever thought it was. What kind of seeds are you saving this year?

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  1. How funny I read this today - they were talking about frogs on the radio today and they were saying that they were a fantastic measure of the health of a garden - so I would definitely be flattered that he's put in an appearance. I have so little space that I tend to only save seed from things that I eat at the point of seed production - eg capsicums, chillies, tomatoes etc. Ie no unproductive plants sitting there with me awaiting their seed. The exception is herbs which I leave to flower to attract bees. Having said that I am planning on letting some spring onions go to seed, as I use a lot of it and they flowers look pretty...