Monday, August 29, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/29-Don't steal my popcorn!

I am getting way more MWC tomatoes than I can use! The bush is out of control. Time to start pawning them off on friends, neighbors and coworkers! ;)

Decided to make a pizza with mushrooms and chard on it. Yummy! It was good and it is nice when the kids ask for seconds! Also picked the Carnival squash. I had photographed this in an earlier post when it was all white thinking it was the white acorn, but it turned out it was the Carnival. There are no White acorns producing :(   This is the only Carnival.

Do you see what I mean about the MWC's? My first Cantaloupe! Cherokee purples are starting to ripen again! I am getting enough beans to freeze a bag or two here and there! And there are plenty more out there ripening!

Hate to pick the first bell pepper and find this! There are three more of these though! Hopefully no holes. This pepper plant is not doing as well as last year! :(  Isn't that a nice cantaloupe? My first decent sized one in 4 years! There are two more out there!

I came out this morning to find that the squirrels had found my popcorn. I found  a few piles like this and all the ones along the fence gone! The popcorn was doing so well!

Sadly, this is all the squirrels left for me. But we will still enjoy it! It will finish drying in the garage. Some of it is dry and some is not quite there yet.
Head on over to Daphne's Dandelions to see what others are harvesting this week all around the world!


  1. Darn squirrels!!!!! Looks like you had a good harvest week!

  2. Those MWC tomatoes sure are prolific. Curse those dang squirrels for taking down your popcorn patch. They obviously know a good thing when they see it though.

  3. VERMIN! I have my own she-devil and the limas seem to be what she is theiving most. Grrr..... GREAT harvest!

  4. Thanks all! Allison, that chard is so lacy! Ha ha! But, still eatable!

  5. I am soooo impressed by your canteloupe. I failed dismally in my attempt to grow them last year but you have inspired me to try again as it looks so fabulous. I'm sad for your popcorn crop though.

  6. Great harvest this week! I love that Carnival Squash! What does it taste like???

  7. Beautiful harvest, Shawn Ann. You certainly have your quota of cherry tomatoes! One trick I learned from the Victory Garden Cookbook is to saute cherry tomatoes in butter a few minutes until they are warm and softened but not popped. Season with salt and pepper and maybe a pinch of dried tarragon for a nice side dish that is easy to make and uses up a lot of those tomatoes.

  8. Liz, I do pretty terribly, I have 3 total from about 10 plants! That is pitiful, but I keep trying anyway!
    Bee Girl, the ones I had bought and ate were great, just like acorn squash, but this one, OMGosh! it was so terrible! I didn't believe my kids when they said it was bad and I tasted it and it tasted like chemicals, and I use no chemicals! I don't know what happened. We threw it out! :(
    Thanks Dave, we'll have to try that on the next big bow, I sent a box to work with DH this morning to empty my counter of them! :)